Help your clients get more impactful, transformational & long-lasting results so you can skyrocket your practice...

...without asking them to spend THOUSANDS on lab testing

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HTMA is a low-priced, non-invasive lab test that gives you a diverse range on information about your clients' physiology.

You are a smart cookie (gluten-free of course!) and you know that minerals are a foundational part of health!

HTMA seems like it could be a great addition to your practice, but...

  • The panel is confusing
  • There are so many markers to consider
  • You don't know what to prioritize
  • You're worried you will recommend the WRONG protocol

So, you sign up for a HTMA training course and you STILL don't get it! The teacher spends all this time on the basic interpretation and ZERO time teaching you what to do with the results! (aka teaching you how to develop protocols)

You are wondering..."Do I really want to invest in yet ANOTHER course only to be disappointed?"

Of the few courses on the market, most do not teach you how to apply the HTMA panel. I mean...what's the point of understanding it if you have no skills in HTMA protocol creation?!

The time you have spent trying to understand HTMA is insane or maybe you have given up altogether!

Hanging out in Facebook groups, getting lost on PubMed, diving into the lab-generated reports....still, you don't get it!

Hey...I get it! At one point, I had spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars hiring HTMA experts yet I was STILL lacking the confidence I desired!

I was totally committed to mastering the panel!

But the time and money it took me, I wouldn't wish upon anyone!

The good news it is all that time and money paid off...

...I was able to combine everything I was taught, with everything I learned from testing myself and my clients...

And now I am on a mission to bring HTMA to health practitioners everywhere, just like you!

The truth is, I learned how to master the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Panel in a way that is not only simple but greatly increases client outcomes (and produces raving testimonials!).

Wanna know how I did it?

My HTMA Journey

I have struggled with chronic fatigue for almost 7-years. NOTHING I tried helped. I tried healing my gut, balancing my hormones, keto, paleo and even the carnivore diet! I felt like the universe was against me! How could it be so hard to just have energy?

I even became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner! I did everything I was taught in the course! Yes, I did see improvements in other areas of my health but the fatigue did not budge. I was so fucking tired!

One day, I stumbled upon HTMA and I was instantly intrigued. I started learning about minerals and metals and I knew it was worth a try!

Within 8-months of balancing my minerals, addressing copper toxicity and improving iodine deficiency, I got my energy back!

I began using HTMA with my clients and the results were insane. I quickly built a waitlist practice and hit 6-figures in my business. I knew I needed to share HTMA with other coaches!

As Seen In...

Imagine if you had a step-by-step blueprint plus a team of coaches to help you master HTMA so you could truly transform people's lives?

You can have all of the above benefits and results without.....wasting hours and hours figuring it out yourself....

Without wasted money....You will never have to take another HTMA course ever again

Ditch the frustration, confusion, overwhelm or feeling like you should just give up and find another test!



By looking at the balance between calcium and potassium, you can determine if the thyroid is under-active or overactive. You can determine if thyroid hormone is, in fact, getting into the cell and being utilized.


By looking at the balance between calcium and magnesium, you can determine if a person has excessive insulin or deficient insulin. You can assess whether your client is over-consuming carbohydrates


By looking at the balance between sodium and magnesium, you can determine if the adrenals are fatigued or whether they are in over drive. You can determine levels of aldosterone and whether the client is over retaining or under retaining sodium


By looking at the balance between calcium and phosphorus you can determine what state the nervous system us dominant in. You can assess for parasympathetic dominance versus sympathetic dominance.


The HTMA has 18 different metal markers. You can determine the likelihood that someone is toxic in heavy metals. Mineral balancing doubles as a gentle metal detox which can quickly restore health to your more complicated clients.


By detecting copper toxicity on the HTMA panel, you can determine the likelihood that your female clients are estrogen dominant. Copper toxicity is a huge driver of estrogen dominance and may be the reason you have not been successful in lowering estrogen levels.

Instead of recommending 4+ labs and asking your clients to spend the majority of your fee on testing... can recommend HTMA instead and gain deep insight into why they are unwell.


An information-packed training program designed specifically for health practitioners who are committed to getting the most transformational outcomes for their clients.

HTMA Expert is a 90-day course designed to turn coaches into confident HTMA Experts.

Perfect for...

Health & wellness practitioners - health professionals - health coaches - wellness coaches - nurse practitioners - dieticians - Naturopathic Doctors - any practitioner wanting to beef up their toolkit and get bigger results for their clients.

This is what we cover in the modules:

INDIVIDUAL MINERALS + PRIMARY PATTERNS: In module 1, we cover all the minerals on the panel plus we discuss how to determine oxidation rate and how to identify a 4LOWS pattern.

SIGNIFICANT RATIOS: In module 2, we discuss all the significant ratios including Ca/P, Na/K, Ca/K, Zn/Cu, Ca/Mg, Fe/Cu and Cu/Mo. We go through how to read these and what significance they have to the health of your clients.

THERAPEUTIC PROTOCOLS: In module 3, we discuss how to build protocols that help your clients improve their oxidation rate, raise or lower their minerals and resolve a 4LOWS pattern. We cover lifestyle, diet, water and supplement recommendations.

CALCIUM SHELL PATTERN + ASSESSING IODINE STATUS: In module 4, we discuss how to handle extremely elevated calcium and how to address it. We will also discuss strategic ways to use the hair to evaluate iodine status (iodine is not excreted through the hair).

COPPER DYSREGULATION: In module 5, we discuss how to evaluate copper dysregulation using HTMA. We discuss the various sources of toxic copper, how it gets imbalanced, the effect on the body and how to address it with four separate protocols.

HEAVY METALS & DETOX PROTOCOLS In module 6, we discuss how to evaluate metal toxicity using HTMA. We also discuss other ways to test for metals plus safe detox protocols to gently remove metals from the body.

ADVANCED HTMA TOPICS: In module 7, we discuss how to execute a comprehensive intake, the HTMA healing journey, evaluating the oxidation sub-types, re-testing scenarios, maintenance protocols, Vitamin D Therapy, using HTMA with children and homeopathic tissue salts for sensitive clients.



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