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How to Use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to Create Life-Changing Results for Your Clients & Practice

without Having to Break Your Clients’ Bank Accounts or Guess with Their Protocols

Here's What You Will Learn:


How to Offer an Affordable Functional Testing Experience for Your Clients while 10x-ing Your Profit Margin at the Same Time

Tired of all the resistance you face from clients from the cost of testing? Functional testing is PRICY, but it doesn't have to be. When you reduce the cost to your client, you take home more money in your pocket.


Why Starting with Hormone + Gut Testing Limits Client Results and How to Accelerate Outcomes so They Stick Around, Do the Work and Rave About You to All Their Family + Friends

Have you been taught to start by testing hormones and gut health? Here's why that advice is dead wrong and is doing your clients a disservice - and what you need to do instead to get those transformational results so much faster


Why Recommending Vitamin D, Beef Liver and Magnesium Can Be Harmful and How to Confidently Create Protocols that are Exactly What Your Clients Need

Heard that these supplements are good for everyone? Think again. You could be unknowingly harming your client and keeping them from healing. Safely and confidently recommend protocols that you know will get your clients results

And More!

Meet Your HTMA Coach

Hey there! I'm Kendra. I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and founder of HTMA Expert. I spent over 7-years struggling with debilitating chronic fatigue. As an outdoor enthusiast, not being able to do the activities that I am passionate about almost destroyed me.

No matter how much money I spent on Functional testing, I was unable to get well. It was only when I discovered the power of minerals that I was able to finally give my body the tools it needed to thrive.

After spending thousands of hours studying HTMA and running hundreds of panels on my clients, I learned that the missing link in the Functional Health Space is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

I now lead the top HTMA practitioner training program in the world. To date, I've trained over 400 practitioners in 37 different countries.

What some of my students have to say about my trainings...

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