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The reason why your online efforts to grow your health coaching business have failed - and what you need to be doing instead (it's not what you'll expect)
The strategic way to see consistent growth in your social media and new clients without having to build a fancy website, or investing in paid marketing.
How Angela was able to make 50K in a single month without posting multiple times a day to social media or sending awkward DMs, using the BBUILD method 
Kendra Perry
Online Business Coach
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Kendra is a former multiple 6-figure Functional Health Coach turned online business strategist for health & wellness practitioners. She is on a mission to stop health coaches from being broke AF by helping 100,000 coaches build BOOMING businesses in the next decade. She has currently helped 300+ health coaches grow their practices, attract consistent clients and blow up their bank accounts.

She is the creator of the BBUILD Method which turns scared, scattered, and self-conscious coaches into confident, focused, and high-performing health entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of the Group Program Academy which teaches coaches to scale their income and impact with online group coaching programs. 

Kendra has been featured in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, CEO Blog Nation, and Authority Magazine for her expertise on sales. 

When she isn’t getting fired up about business & marketing, you will find her indulging in her love of adrenaline sports in the remote mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.