The Practical Application of Hair Tissue Mineral 
Analysis for Health Practitioners
It seems silly to think of a course focused on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for health practitioners that DOESN'T also teach how to utilize it in practice (ie. develop protocols for your clients).

But the honest truth is, when I was desperately trying to learn HTMA, I couldn't find ONE SINGLE course that did this.

I could learn how to recognize the patterns. I could learn some basic interpretation. BUT I couldn't seem to get the answer to my BIG questions, "How do you actually develop therapeutic protocols?"


In fact, in one course I took I straight out asked the instructor, "When do we learn about the protocols? How do we know what supplements to recommend?"

The answer?

"Just use the computer generated report that the lab gives you."


I don't know how this makes you feel but at the time this made me feel disappointed. As a practitioner, I believe that computers/robots shouldn't be doing our jobs for us.

No computer can substitute for the complete analysis of a comprehensive health history. No robot can replace our unique ability to connect test results with client presentation. 

As Functional Health Coaches or Professionals, we should NEVER treat test results. We need to treat the entire person. Our clients are people, not bars on a graph or numbers on a report.

I took several other HTMA courses and had the exact same experience. And this left me wondering, "Where do I need to go to actually learn this stuff?"

I spent the next couple years digging around into the deep corners of PubMed and Google Scholar. Ultimately, I had to privately hire the top experts in the field of HTMA.

Several thousand dollars later, I started to get a grasp on the practical side of HTMA. I ran HTMA on every single client in my practice and group programs. To date, I have analyzed almost one thousand HTMA panels.

I have taken the knowledge of my expert mentors, alongside my years of clinical experience to develop the HTMA Expert method that is unlike any other.

6 Online Training Modules
6 Pre-Recorded Training Modules with EVERYTHING you need to know about HTMA
Transcripts & Cheat Sheets for Every Module
Keep up by reading the module transcripts and lesson cheat sheets
Real Case Studies for Every Module
See what HTMA interpretation and mineral balancing looks in real life!
7 x Live Q&A's Between Weekly Trainings 
I support you LIVE via weekly coaching calls. Get all your questions answered!
Facebook Support Group  
Connect with your fellow HTMA nerds & get your quick questions answered
By the end of this training, you will...
  • ​Understand how to interpret the primary patterns on a Hair Mineral Analysis test
  • Feel confident in developing clinical protocols for your clients
  • ​Have the tools to assess the success of your protocols & know when to change course
  • ​Know how to change the lives of yourself and your clients by balancing their minerals
  • ​Be connect with a community of mineral geeks unlike any other alongside and feel 100% supported
  • ​Feel like an HTMA Expert!
  • Introduction to minerals and the history of HTMA
  • Ordering procedure
  • ​Is HTMA accurate?
  • ​Mineral overview + interpretation basics
  • 1st level minerals
  • ​2nd level minerals
  • ​3rd level minerals
  • Oxidation types and subtypes
  • ​Case studies
  • Overview of the significant ratios
  • ​The Ca/P, Na/K, Ca/K, Zn/Cu, Na/Mg, Fe/Cu, Cu/Mo ratios
  • ​Understanding loss patterns
  • ​Diet & lifestyle strategies
  • ​Supplementation strategies
  • ​Simplifying supplementation
  • ​Case studies
  • ​The 4LOWS electrolyte pattern
  • ​4LOWS protocols
  • ​The calcium shell
  • ​Calcium shell protocols
  • ​Detecting iodine deficiency with HTMA
  • ​The iodine protocol
  • ​Case studies
  • ​Copper toxicity
  • ​Hidden copper toxicity
  • ​Other types of copper toxicity
  • ​Copper dump syndrome
  • ​Copper detox protocols
  • ​Case studies
  • ​Intro to heavy metals
  • ​Heavy metal detox protocols
  • ​The toxic ratios
  • ​Urine metals testing
  • ​Stool metals testing
  • ​Blood metals testing
  • ​Case studies
  • ​The mineral balancing healing journey
  • Re-testing
  • ​Maintenance protocols
  • ​Working with children and babies
  • ​Packages & pricing
  • ​Case studies
  • ​Functional health coaches who want to add to their current testing offerings
  • Licensed professionals who want to offer a more holistic approach for their clients
  • ​Health coaches who don't offer testing but would like to start adding it to their practice
  • ​Practitioners who are already utilizing HTMA but want to up level their knowledge
  • ​Fitness professionals who want to help their clients breakthrough weight loss plateaus
  • ​Wellness coaches who are fascinated by HTMA but are completely confused how to use it
  • ​Lay people who aren't health coaches but want to learn HTMA to improve their own health and their families
About Your Teacher, Kendra
I stumbled on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis two years ago when every other functional test had failed to tell me why I was chronically fatigued and burnt out.
At the same time, half of my female cliental  were suffering from excessively high estrogen that didn't respond to any of the typical treatment protocols. 
When I discovered HTMA, everything changed.  I identified imbalanced minerals and copper toxicity in myself and in every single one of my clients with estrogen dominance.
Learning how to balance my own minerals plus those of my clients has been a game changer personally and professionally. 
Education & Certifications:

Bachelor of Science from University of Calgary (2009)
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2012)
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification (2014)
Institute of Transformational Nutrition (2015)
Hair Mineral Analysis Training from the Malter Institute (2017)
Mineral Mastery - Dr. Rick Fischer (2018)
Private Student of Rachel Neumann (2018)
Private Student of Dr. Karen von Merveldt-Guevara (2019 - present)
When does the course start?

August 20th :)

When do I get access to the course material?

August 19th @ 5pm PST

Are all the modules recorded?

Yes! The live Q&A's are also recorded.

What if I can't make the live Q&As?

You can submit questions in advance. All questions will be answered on the Q&As and they will be recorded for you to watch later.

When does the course end?

October 8th. 

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. You can pay in 2 payments of $477. Your second payment will be automatically billed 4 weeks after your first payment. 

Will I feel confident in creating protocols by the end of the course?

Yes. This is taught throughout the course and you are given lots of cheat sheets and fill in templates to help make creating protocols easy.

Can I get early access?

Sorry. Everyone will get access at the same time on the 19th :)

How long do I get access to the course?

You get lifetime access plus any updates I make over time. The Facebook group will be archived on October 18th. That means you can still access all videos, comments, files but you will no longer be able to interact in the group.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day refund policy. That means you are able to request a refund at 30-days but you MUST show us that you have completed the course material. If after completing this material, you still feel like this information isn't valuable, we are happy to offer you a full refund. 

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