The Practical Application of Hair Tissue Mineral 
Analysis for Health Practitioners
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By the end of this training, you will...
  •  Understand how to interpret the primary patterns on a Hair Mineral Analysis test
  •  Feel confident in developing clinical protocols for your clients
  •  Have the tools to assess the success of your protocols & know when to change course
  •  Know how to change the lives of yourself and your clients by balancing their minerals
  •  Feel like an HTMA Expert! 
  • Introduction to minerals and the history of HTMA
  • The 1st level minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium & Potassium)
  • Assessing the 2nd Level Minerals (Copper, Zinc, Iron & Selenium)
  • The Significant Ratios and their clinical presentation
  •  How to determine the oxidation rate or metabolic type
  •  Slow oxidation and it's clinical presentation
  •  Fast Oxidation and it's clinical presentation
  •  How to balance the oxidation rate with food, lifestyle & supplements
  •  How to asses the 4 LOWS Electrolyte Pattern
  •  Clinical presentation and causal factors of 4LOWS
  •  How to approach clients with 4LOWS
  •  The Calcium Shell, Causal Factors & it's Clinical Presentation
  •  How to "break up" the Calcium Shell
  •  The clinical importance of copper toxicity
  •  Causal factors, clinical presentation and copper in society
  •  Mineral interactions of copper
  •  "Hidden" copper and how to find it using HTMA
  •  Food, Lifestyle, Detox and supplement approaches to copper toxicity
  •  How to deal with Copper Dump Syndrome
  •  Iodine deficiency, causal factors and it's clinical presentation
  •  How to find iodine deficiency using HTMA
  •  The Iodine Protocol
  •  Heavy metal assessment and the toxic ratios
  •  Intro to Heavy Metal Detox
  •  Additional minerals (Cobalt, Lithium, Molybdenum, Chromium & Rubidium)
  •  Developing HTMA protocols based on mineral patterns
  •  The base HTMA protocol
  •  Re-testing and how to assess protocol success (and when to change course)
  •  What does healing with HTMA look like?
  •  Case studies
About Your Teacher, Kendra
I stumbled on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis two years ago when every other functional test had failed to tell me why I was chronically fatigued and burnt out.
At the same time, half of my female cliental  were suffering from excessively high estrogen that didn't respond to any of the typical treatment protocols. 
When I discovered HTMA, everything changed.  I identified imbalanced minerals and copper toxicity in myself and in every single one of my clients with estrogen dominance.
Learning how to balance my own minerals plus those of my clients has been a game changer personally and professionally. 
Education & Certifications:

Bachelor of Science from University of Calgary (2009)
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2012)
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification (2014)
Institute of Transformational Nutrition (2015)
Hair Mineral Analysis Training from the Malter Institute (2017)
Private Student of Dr. Lawrence Wilson (2017)
Mineral Mastery - Dr. Rick Fischer (2018)
Private Student of Rachel Neumann (2018)
Private Student of Dr. Karen von Merveldt-Guevara (2019 - present)
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