Turn Your 1:1 Services into a Group Coaching Program that Sells & Transforms Your Clients!

Without a Big Audience, Even if No Content Has Been Created, Have Zero Tech Skills and Have Never Launched Before
In this Masterclass, you'll learn:
- 1 - 
Why a launching a group program is a complete necessity to succeed in 2020
- 2 - 
The # 1 mistake coaches make that’s causing them to compromise their health and relationships
- 3 - 
The top factor preventing coaches from launching a group program and how to eliminate it.
- 4 - 
How to get your group coaching program on the market and making you money in the next 30-days
- 5 - 
Why audience size doesn’t matter when it comes to launching a group program!
This Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if...
  • ​You DESPERATELY want to launch a group program but feel overwhelmed and have NO IDEA where to start
  • You are feeling burnt out working with 1:1 clients and need a new strategy
  • ​You have noticed a decline in interest for your private coaching program in the past few months
  • ​You dream of having a group program but you are WAY TOO SCARED to even try!
  • ​You want to help HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of people without destroying your health or becoming a workaholic
  • ​You have already built your program but haven't been able to find the time to actually launch it (you have too many client appointments!)
  • ​You have launched a group program in the past but were disappointed by the results
  • ​You are ready to take action so you can create more impact while increasing your income and freedom!
Kendra Perry is a former Functional Health Coach turned Online Business Strategist for Health & Wellness Coaches. 

She is on a mission to end health coach poverty by helping 100,000 health coaches build thriving 6-figure businesses in the decade. 

She has currently helped 200+ health coaches grow their practices, attract consistent clients and blow up their bank accounts through her programs and courses. 

She is the creator of the ground-breaking Health Coach Accelerator Method which turns scared, scattered and self-conscious coaches into confident, focused and high-performing health entrepreneurs. 

She is also the founder of the Profitable Groups System which teaches coaches to scale their income and impact with group coaching programs. 

When she isn’t getting fired up about business & marketing, you will find her indulging in her love of adrenaline sports in the remote mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada."
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