Your 'Holistic' 5-Step Launch System for Coaches Ready to Build a Profit-Generating Group Program and a Flexible, Freedom-Based Business.
Unlock the Group Program Creation & Launch System

That demystifies the strategy, minimizes the tech & allows you to launch with ease

Your 'Holistic' 5-Step Launch System for Coaches Ready to Build a Profit-Generating Group Program and a Flexible, Freedom-Based Business.

After my 4th failed attempt launching my group coaching program, I found myself in the fetal position, ugly crying on the bathroom floor.



I had put EVERYTHING into launching Hormone Power - my money, my time, my emotions, my hopes and my dreams. I had sacrificed my weekends and my relationship to finally take a step away from 1:1 coaching. 

"Maybe it's just not meant to be," I thought to myself. Maybe it was time to give up and just accept that private coaching was the only way for me to make money in my business.

It was a devastating thought because I was overwhelmed with all my 1:1 clients. I was burnt out. I was under inspired. I knew I wanted a group program BUT four failures in a row felt like a sign from the universe that I needed to give up. 

And I did give up for a time!

For 3-months, I just accepted my fate. But the group coaching dream was still there and it was brewing beneath the surface. It got so strong that one day I decided to give it another shot.

I began looking closely at my four failed launches and analyzing why they weren't successful. I hired a coach to help me with my efforts and it became clear why I hadn't seen the results I had hoped for.

I realized my initial program had flopped because I made assumptions about my audience. I created the program that they needed and not the one that they wanted! And FYI, my friend, you can't sell someone to something that they don't actually want (even when you know it's what they need)

And I was completely ignorant of this because I created the ENTIRE program based on those assumptions rather than real, objective, measurable proof of what my audience wanted from me.

So instead of building a program based off of data, I built one based off of my perceived beliefs about my audience. And then once I launched, it totally missed the mark. 

"But wait! How can you create a program based on data when it's your first time and you have never sold it before?"

Enter the "Launch First Framework," the revolutionary process where you launch with an idea to validate your assumptions and gather data from actual clients - so you don't waste any of your precious time or money launching a program that's destined to fail. 

Using the Launch First Formula I launched my next group program, HIGH on Energy and it was a huge success! I made 7.5K with only $60 ad spend and that program went on to generate over 150K in the two-years that I ran it.

It's been three years since that first group program success and I've learned to Launch First on every single program I have run.

In 2020, I generated half a million dollars, helped hundreds of clients, built an inspiring team and created more freedom in my business than I ever thought possible. In fact, as I write this I have biked 5/7 mornings in the past week (including today!). 

That's how I know my four failed launch attempts were 100% worth it. Without them, I never would have figured out the Launch First Formula and gotten to where I am today.

And coming from a job that required me to bushwack through the forest and fall on my face for 10 hours, 5 days a week - sometimes I still have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming!

The Launch First Formula has given me so much and, in my opinion, is the ONLY way anyone should be launching ANYTHING. It's my mission to teach this formula to you so you can avoid all my painful mistakes and have the group program of your dreams!

Kendra is a former multiple 6-figure Functional Health Coach turned online business strategist for health & wellness practitioners. She is on a mission to stop health coaches from being broke AF by helping them build BOOMING businesses they are in love with. She has currently helped hundreds of health coaches grow their practices, attract consistent clients and blow up their bank accounts.

She is the creator of the ground-breaking Health Coach Accelerator Method which turns scared, scattered and self-conscious coaches into confident, focused and high-performing health entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of Group Program Academy which teaches coaches to scale their income and impact with online group coaching programs. 

Kendra has been featured in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, CEO Blog Nation and Authority Magazine for her expertise on sales. 

When she isn’t getting fired up about business & marketing, you will find her indulging in her love of adrenaline sports in the remote mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I'm super fired up to bring you...

My 'Holistic' 5-Step Launch System for Coaches Ready to Build a Money-Making Group Program and a Flexible, Freedom-Based Business.

Perfect for any online coach in the health & wellness or personal development space!
health coaches - wellness coaches - mindset coaches - spiritual coaches - life coaches - fitness coaches - health practitioners

Consider GPA your VIP express ticket to quickly getting an effective & transformational program to market and putting dollars in your bank account.

Angela enrolled 8 ideal clients in her first group program launch!


  • ​Build your program quickly so you can get your program to market (and make you money) without sacrificing your personal life
  • ​Make back your investment while still in the course so you can let go of financial worry and be profitable within 30-90 days
  • Enroll your dream clients so you can get them results and change their lives
  • ​Feel confident teaching knowing that your program rocks so you can let go of worry that your program isn't good enough
  • ​Launch successfully and seamlessly, even if you have never launched a day in your life
  • ​Learn a launch method that requires limited online tech so you don't get bogged down and overwhelmed
  • Fill up your program, even if you have a tiny, little audience
  • Create a program template that can be repurposed into an online course or a membership so you don't have to reinvent the wheel
  • ​Rock your launch even if you don't have a fancy website or money to spend on ads

Transform the health of your group members so you get raving testimonials and non-stop referrals

What you learn inside Group Program Academy...

Phase 1: The Planning Party

How to create a strategic blueprint for your group

Most first-time group program developers make one of three mistakes. They create a generic program that doesn't connect, they carelessly name their program or they make an information-heavy program that omits the key components of transformation. In Phase 1, you will implement the Program for Profit Framework in which you will create a strategic program structure that will set you and your clients up for success.
  •  The perfect client for your program
  • ​The promise of your method
  • ​A irresistible program name
  • ​A program price that helps you fill your program

Phase 2: The Pre-Launch

Heat up your audience and build the hype

Most newbie program launchers omit the pre-launch phase altogether and then "SURPRISE" launch to their audience only to be met with confused eyes and crickets. In Phase 2, we execute the Raise the Roof Method; a calculated social media and list building game plan so not only are your people anticipating your program but they are excited to enroll before the cart even opens..
  • An effective social media content plan
  • ​A simple list building plan of action

Phase 3: The Beta Test

Build out your transformational program

Most coaches launch without proof of concept or market validation. The result? They don't get the results they want or, even worse, they get zero sales. Arg! Enter the beta test. In this module we will build out your program framework without all the bells and whistles so you can get proof that people want it and will buy it (before you lost months of your life and all the money in your bank account)
  • An easy-to-follow structure for your program
  • How to develop a program framework that generates results
  • ​Get all your ducks in a row; refund policy, pricing, feedback acquisition and how to guarantee that you'll get the testimonials you need

Phase 4: The Launch-Off

Prepare your powerful group launch plan

With your launch just over the horizon, it's time to prep your social media and email marketing strategy. In Phase 4, we execute the Enrollment Elevator Launch Plan. Prepare engaging social media strategies and write your sales page + sales emails that drive email subscribers into your program.
  • A simple painless launch plan that turns warm leads to hot hot hot
  • Sales email templates written by a professional copywriter
  • ​A simple sale page template that will turn audience members into group members!

Phase 5: The After-Party

Reflect, Reassess, Re-organize and Prep for Round 2!

You made it! You made it! Now it's time to reflect on the launch, re-organize your program and prepare to re-launch like a frickin' health boss. In Phase 5, we will review your launch using simple analytics and student feedback forms. I'll show you how to re-work your program to make it even better for your next launch!
  • A launch assessment plan to troubleshoot throughout your launch
  • Your launch stats workbook for tracking progress and identifying need for improvments
  • ​A plan for improving your program with each cohort and making it the best in your space

"I would never have been able to do this without this course!"

"Group Program Academy taught me how to launch my program  in the easiest way possible and the tech behind it all is very confusing for me. It helped me put my program together with a clear prospective. The pricing, how to's, resources library and the video tutorials were a life saver! Absolutely, I would recommend this program! There are so many steps to launching your first program. I would never have been able to do this without this course help"

~ Stacey, Stacey Turner Wellness


Students of Group Program Academy will also get...

Health Boss Support Calls
Get access to 3 x monthly live Q&A calls with me! Show up live to ask me anything or submit what you're working on in advance to get my feedback and recommendations for your specific situation.
Simply Sold Sales Bundle
Never wrote sales copy in your life? No problem. The Simply Sold Sales Bundle includes a high-converting sales page template and sales email swipe files written by a professional copywriter. I tell you what to write and when so you can maximize your client enrollments into your program!
Content Consistency Social Story Prompts
Not a clue what to post on stories? These story prompts will tell you exactly what to post for 90-days to nurture your audience and warm them up for your upcoming group coaching program!
Sell Your A$$ Off Webinar Script
Are webinars dead? Nope! They are still a powerful tool to sell out your group program. While, we will be using a more minimal approach in Group Program Academy, you will need a webinar to sell future reiterations of your program. And when it comes time, you will have a high-converting script to enroll more members!
Instagram Best Practices Guide
Instagram not working for you? The algorithm is forever changing and I'll show you what's working RIGHT NOW on Instagram so you can attract more followers and potential clients (regularly updated!)
Triple Your Website Traffic with Pinterest
Pinterest is a powerful search engine and great place to generate more leads for your website and landing pages. Pinterest expert, Digital Julia, shows you the simply Pinterest strategy to get more leads and sales.


Phase 1:  Planning Party               (Value $497)
Phase 2: The Pre-Launch             (Value $497)
Phase 3: The Beta Test                 (Value $497)
Phase 4: The Launch-Off             (Value $497)
Phase 5: The After-Party              (Value $497)

3 x Health Boss Support Calls.      (Value $497)
CC Story Prompts                            (Value $297)
Sell Your A$$ Off Webinar Script  (Value $997)
Simply Sold Sales Bundle               (Value $997)
Instagram Best Practices Guide   (Value $497)
Pinterest Masterclass                      (Value $497)

Total Value = $13,391
Regular Price = $997 total

Today's Price = $597

Or $1197 and get 90-Days Voxer Access to Kendra!

Payment plans available for both tiers!

or 3 x payments of $227
  • The entire 5-Module Course
  • All the listed bonuses
  • This option includes the course + bonuses only
or 3 x payments of  $447
  • The entire 5-Module Course
  • All the listed bonuses
  • 90-Days Voxer Support


If you don't find the incredibly valuable content inside Group Program Academy...well valuable, you can request a refund at 60-days after the program has started.

Listen, I have used this exact system to launch countless successful programs AND I have also helped dozens of students launch their group programs. Why am I telling you this? Because, Group Program Academy works for those who commit to executing it and I 1000% believe that if you dedicate yourself to the trainings, and assignments, you will see success.

So please take a full 60-days to explore the course material, plan out your group program and put the program strategies into action.

If you STILL don't believe Group Program Academy is a good fit - no problem, you tried! I will give you a full refund with proof that you have given the program an honest shot!

"I made 4K on my first group program launch"

"Wow! Thank you, Kendra! I wanted a group program for so long but I was sooooo intimidated by the whole process. I had no ideas what to do, the tech seemed crazy and I chose to do nothing. After working through the PGA course, I was able to execute my first launch without too many blips and enroll 10 members! I made 4K on my first group program launch and I know it will only increase each time. I highly recommend this program"

~ Janet, IIN Coach

The Price Promo is limited!

For this one-time only re-launch of Group Program Academy, I'm offering $400 off the regular price.

P.s. That's a savings of 40%!

Once the timer runs out, this promotional price and bonuses will no longer be available and the price goes up to $997


Phase 1:  Planning Party               (Value $497)
Phase 2: The Pre-Launch             (Value $497)
Phase 3: The Beta Test                 (Value $497)
Phase 4: The Launch-Off             (Value $497)
Phase 5: The After-Party              (Value $497)

3 x Health Boss Support Calls.      (Value $497)
CC Story Prompts                            (Value $297)
Sell Your A$$ Off Webinar Script  (Value $997)
Simply Sold Sales Bundle               (Value $997)
Instagram Best Practices Guide   (Value $497)
Pinterest Masterclass                      (Value $497)

Total Value = $13,391
Regular Price = $997 total

Today's Price = $597

Or $1197 and get 90-Days Voxer Access to Kendra!

Payment plans available for both tiers!

or 3 x payments of $227
  • The entire 5-Module Course
  • All the listed bonuses
or 3 x payments of  $447
  • The entire 5-Module Course
  • All the listed bonuses
  • 90-Days Voxer Support


Frequently Asked Questions.
When does Group Program Academy Start?
I'm just as excited as you are to get this group program train rolling! The program will begin as soon as you purchase.

There is no drip schedule. You will get access to the entire course as soon as you purchase. That means you can take your time or binge the course in just a couple weeks.

The entire process of launching a group program will take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on the engagement level of your social media following and email list.
I consider myself tech-illiterate. How much tech experience is required for this program?
Group Program Academy is all about simplicity and minimalism. I keep the complicated tech to a minimum and make sure to include easy-to-follow tutorials for the tech that we do use inside the program.
Are their live calls?
Yes, both the basic and VIP tiers will get access to 3 live support calls that happen on the last Tuesday of every month. 

If you continue to need support after these 3 calls, you will be able to purchase a Wealthy Coach Insider's Club membership in October. Details to sign up will be sent out in September.
Will I be successful with Group Program Academy?
I am going to tell you the exact same thing as you would tell one of your prospective clients who asked the same question - it depends on you!

I can't launch your group program for you. I am here to guide you and tell you what to do. If you commit to the method, take focused action and do the work - your group program will be launched and live in 4-12  weeks. 
Is there a payment plan available?
Yes! You can finance the program for 3 payments of $347 for the Basic level or 3 payments of $447 for the VIP level. 

Payment 1 will be billed when you purchase and then every 4-weeks for a total of 3 payments.
Can I join if I am not a health coach?
Maybe! If you are some type of online coach (life coach, personal development coach, mindset coach, spiritual coach) then the content taught in this program will be absolutely relevant to you and your business!

You must be some sort of online coach selling coaching services or online consultant for this program to work.
How quickly can I see a return on the investment to take the program?
Yes! Thank you for asking! Let's talk money!

Group Program Academy is set up so that you can launch your group program in 4-12 weeks. The range depends on whether or not you have built a following or email list yet. 

That means that if you take the recommended steps, follow my pricing recommendations and launch with the rest of the group, you will make your investment back plus more - while still in the program!

The return on investment is quick - so long as you commit to doing the work and taking the necessary action.

I mean....that's pretty awesome!
Is the content available immediately?
You will get access to the Group Program Academy content as soon as you purchase.

Does PGA teach me how to launch an online course?
Consider Group Program Academy as the pre-requisite to launching a successful online course. Group program bridge the gap between 1:1 coaching and an online course. At the end of Group Program Academy, I will teach you how to transform your group program into an online course.
I don't have a big following. Can Group Program Academy work for you?
No big following required up in here! While we do make sure approved students have a small following, we don't require that they have a big following. 

Our students see success even with only a few hundred followers and email list subscribers.

In fact, just the other month, my student, Angela, enrolled 8 clients into her group program with an Instagram following of less than 1000. 
I haven't launched before. Can I be successful?
Group Program Academy is meant for first time launchers! I teach a simple method that simplifies the launch process and deletes all the complicated and stressful extras. My launch method is perfect for newbies. This process will also work for coaches who have launched before and been unhappy with the end result
I don't have a website or money to spend on ads. Wil this work?
Group Program Academt does not require students to even have a website. You can be highly successful without any website at all. We also don't require an money to be spent on ads.
How much time will it take to build my program?
We build out the framework for your program while inside Group Program Academy. With my Launch first method, we create the necessary components of your program by Phase 3.

I will never forget that first time launch. It was an utter and complete disaster and I lost thousands of hours of my time and thousands of dollars of my hard earned money.

What I would have given to have someone holding my hand through the process, plus, an entire community of friends launching alongside me. That would have been priceless!

Now, if you want to figure this out on your own and do it solo - that's cool. But, you can also make the choice to lean on the wisdom of a launch expert (30+ launches and counting) packaged into a step-by-step system that allows you to launch your program quickly, get it generating dollars asap and avoid the BIG mistakes most new launchers are making. 

Save thousands of hours and dollars (not to mention your sanity and mental health) and gain the confidence to smoothly transition from one-to-one to one-to-many coaching!

Seize the moment - once the timer runs out - the special price promo is gone, gone gone.

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