Ditch inconsistent clients + stop barely scraping by!


How to Make a Full-Time Income in Your Online Wellness Business without Being in 1:1 Client Appts All Day Long

(when you have a tiny following and no budget for Facebook Ads)

Here's What You Will Learn:


How to Ditch Charging Hourly for your Services and Create an In-Demand Offer that Makes your Audience Scream, ‘Take My Money!’

Tired of charging hourly and barely getting ahead with each clients? I'll show you how to create an offer that attracts clients who are willing to do the work and who can't wait to work with you!


How to Have 5-Figure Months with Your Tiny Following without Having to Make Cheesy Dance Videos or Give it All Away from Free

You don't need to swing around on your pole and give it all away from free on social media. I'll show you how to generate consistent income even when you have a tiny little following that's barely growing.


How to Confidently + Effectively Make Sales that Don’t Involve Convincing, Being Pushy or Proving How Smart You Are

Getting "No" and "No" after "No" on your discovery calls? No problem! I'll show you how to sell without even having to sell at all. In fact, selling might become your favorite thing to do in your business!

And More!

Meet Your Coach

Hey there! I'm Kendra. I'm a former Multi-6-Figure Functional Health turned online business mentor for Health Coaches and Practitioners.

I am the founder of Health Coach Accelerator which turns 'barely making ends meet' practitioners into high-performing health entrepreneurs who make bank while changing lives

My mission is to help you build the online practice of your dreams so you can travel the world, move to a remote paradise and create a life of freedom and wealth for you and your family.

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