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Attract & Convert Dream Clients

Master your marketing so you can book your next 3 clients

A proven 3-step plan to choosing a profitable niche, designing an online program and filling it with dream clients...even if you're just getting started!

Screw chasing clients.

It’s time to break the cycle of crickets.

Hey there, online health coaches and wellness practitioners!

Is your biz stuck in a rut, wilting away like that kale salad in the back of your fridge?

Even though you’re a certified badass who's ready to transform lives and help people achieve their health goals…

Your business is still as neglected as that dusty Shake Weight, collecting cobwebs instead of flourishing with a vibrant mix of clients and profitable revenue.

Because no matter how many times you publish content, post on social media, or blast your email list, you’re still refreshing your feed hoping & praying for any signs of life.

And that growing sense of stagnation has you feeling like you’re on the world’s longest Peloton ride, constantly pedaling your heart out but never actually getting anywhere.

When you’re not attracting & converting your dream boat clients, it makes you question everything. 

  • Are my prices freaking out potential clients?

  • I should probably lower them.

  • Am I dedicating enough hustle to marketing and sales?

  • I’m gonna make another reel.

  • Are my services attracting the right crowd?

  • I should go add more.

  • How long can I survive like this?

  • I’ll go change up my offer (again).

  • Was leaving stability for my passion a huge mistake? I’m just going to apply to Lululemon at the mall…just in case.

If you’re rapidly approaching your expiration date, unsure of whether you can make it through another cycle that’s a lot more famine than feast…

It’s time to transform your business into a desirable dish that has clients lining up at the door.

So let’s turn up the heat and add flavor and fire to your business.

Your Next Dream Client is Waiting. Let’s Find Them Together!

Tired of being ignored by those BFF clients?

It’s time to stop being a wilted vegetable and become a spicy pepper instead.

Cuz those vanilla strategies and bland oatmeal advice ain’t gonna cut it.

And once you stop playing it safe and start taking bold, decisive action…

Your dream clients will start chasing you for a change.

So if you’re ready to book the next client that gets you one step closer to building the thriving business you deserve…stick with me.

Because with my simple 3-step framework, you can say goodbye to those less-than-amazing clients and begin bringing in the best.

This proven strategy has helped hundreds of online coaches break through the $5K month barrier and unlock the power of a thriving program. One that brings financial freedom, the ability to impact lives, and the flexibility to live life on your terms.

And it all boils down to three easy steps.

If you’re ready to book your next 3 clients and crush your goals…

Then grab your instant pass to watch my free training: 

Attract & Convert Dream Clients

Master your marketing so you can book your next 3 clients

…where you’ll get expert strategies for attracting and converting your next 3 perfect clients, so you can say goodbye to chaos & confusion and start selling your health coaching program with supreme confidence.

In this 60-minute training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a profitable offer that solves a specific problem for your ideal client

  • Master your marketing with strategic messaging that speaks directly to your target market

  • Sell your program with ease by clearly communicating your message to the right people

  • Price your program for profitability and charge your worth so you can create a sustainable business

  • Build a business that better serves your clients and leads to life-changing transformations (while achieving the financial freedom and flexibility you desire)

The hour that could skyrocket your revenue is here — are you in?

Hi! I'm Kendra

...a badass business mentor and online business strategist for health & wellness coaches and practitioners. I’m on a mission to help fellow health coaches build thriving 6-figure+ businesses so they can stop being overwhelmed and broke as f*ck.

I’m here to stop the cycle of health coaches struggling to make ends meet and help them attract consistent clients, build a booming business, and blow up their bank accounts — all without the need for paid ads or fancy websites.

Through my Health Coach Accelerator program, I’ve already helped hundreds of coaches achieve their business dreams, and I’m excited to help you too!

If you want to book crème de la clients so you can build a booming 6-figure business you love, just add your info and get immediate access to my free training.

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