Ditch Those one-off sessions that are burning you out!

(and keeping you broke)

Instead, create a truly transformational Signature Program that pumps up your bank account without sacrificing your health!

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She helped me feel confident in my program!

When I started Signature Program Rx, I had no program because I was terrified I would do it wrong. This course made the process easy and so much less overwhelming. Kendra gets to the point quickly and helped me feel confident in my program! I highly recommend this course!

~ Grace Akkad

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Date: A few months or years into your Health Business

From: Kendra (a concerned citizen)

I know you have been taught that selling one-off session is the way to run your health coaching business. I'm here to tell you that method is wrong. It is the fastest way to burnout and the quickest way to being broke AF





You aren't attracting clients online. You're offering your services, yet, you are getting very few bites. No seems interested. "HAAAALLLOOOO, Is anyone out there?"




When you do get a client, they aren't very engaged. You see them once and "POOF" they're gone and they never book with you again. You have no idea how they are doing and if they are seeing any improvements.




Your bank account is baron. It's empty with no signs of growing. You feel like you are on a hamster wheel on the continual search for new clients. The burnout is fucking real.

Oh wait....There is ONE more problem...

You have absolutely no clue where to start! OR - the program you have is a piece of poo (and nobody be buying it)

Take a DEEP breath, my friend.

You CAN build a captivating offer AND it you can do it in the next few hours

INTRODUCING Signature Program Rx

Signature Program Rx will teach you how to create a transformational & profitable Signature Program(that your audience is excited about), how to price it for profit (and not poverty), plus, how to name it (so your ideal client INSTANTLY knows it for them!).


Signature Program Rx

In this training, I will help you create and build your Signature Program. This will be the program that transforms your clients and your business. I'll teach you the winning combination of a transformational program. Then we will structure it, name it and schedule it - you will never struggle with what to sell again.

What We'll Cover

  • The elements of a transformational program
  • Structure and build your program
  • How to name it, price it & schedule it

SUPER BONUS - Signature Rx Extras Included

Along with the training, I'll provide you with my PRICE FOR PROFIT CALCULATOR, you 5 Reasons Why Your Program Isn't Selling Training, my SIGNATURE NAMING CHEAT SHEET , How to Create Simple Worksheets & audio download for the training.

Get your program on the market & making you money WITHOUT breaking the bank!!!

What you learn inside Signature Program Rx...

PART 1: Setting the Stage

Learn the "it" factor when creating your Signature Program

In this module, I'll go through the critical components of building a signature program, why one-off sessions don't work and the factors you need in place FIRST before beginning your creation!

  • What your program should focus on
  • Who you program needs to help
  • ​The biggest reason why your program won't sell

PART 2: The Transformation Formula

Build Your Program with Client Transformation in mind!

You can't just build ANY program - it needs to facilitate the transformation of your client. No transformation? No testimonials. No referrals. No business. In this module, I'll go through the 'Transformation Formula' so you set yourself and your clients up for ultimate success.

  • 3 ingredients of the Transformation Formula
  • A simple process for structuring your program
  • ​How to build out your program modules and educational content
  • ​How to support your client so they get the results they want!

PART 3: Structural Building Components

Build a rock solid program that can't be f-ed with!

All coaches are different and run different types of businesses. In this module, we will go through the structural components of your program, based on your unique business and your specific ideal client.

  • Creating a customized versus generalized experience
  • ​How to add in lab testing (for Functional Coaches)
  • Rules and deadlines of your program
  • ​The optimal time length for a signature program

PART 4: The Naming Lab

Name your program to maximize client attraction

Any old name won't work! A program name is an incredible opportunity to create rapport with your ideal client. Plus, it's also a time to show your ideal client, "hey, I made this just for you!

  • A simple formula for creating a compelling program name
  • ​Three words that need to be in your signature name!

Phase 5: Pricing for Profit

How to choose a price that serves you (and doesn't make you poor)

Pricing is a tricky topic and I'm here to help! You can't just pull a number out of your butt hole. That will only set you up for financial stress! In this module, I show you how ot strategically price your program based on your unique needs.

  • How NOT to price your program
  • ​My simple Price for Profit calculator that does the math for you!
  • Payment plans and how to price them

Phase 6: Pretty & Profess.

Go from basic bitch to badass bEEEtch!

In this module, I'll show you how to take your program content and turn it into a professional program that you can use for years and years to come! I'll show you how to re-organize your content and get it build and recording into program modules

  • Recommended tools for doing this quickly and seamlessly
  • Slide deck building tips
  • ​Record like a pro
  • ​How to deliver your training modules to your clients



Signature Naming Cheat Sheet

No boring names allowed! This cheat sheet will help you choose a name that builds instant rapport with your audience. They will know your program is for them and they will be intrigued to learn more and book a discovery call with you!


Price for Profit Calculator

It's time for you to top pulling your program prices out of your butthole! Pricing needs to be intentional, strategic and specific to you! This calculator will help you quickly choose a realistic price point that will set you up for profit and help you avoid poverty!


How to Create Simple Worksheets

In this tutorial, I'll show you a quick and simple way to make handouts and worksheets for your program that make printing simple for your clients!


5 Reasons Why Your Program Isn't Selling

In this training, I'll go over the 5 primary reasons why your audience isn't buying your program and how to fix each of them!


Audio Download of the Training

Don't have time to sit and watch video content? You can download the entire workshop audio and listen to the content while you work, drive or go for a walk outside. Download it directly to your phone and listen as many times as you want!

Grab Signature Program Rx

Signature Program Rx Training (Valued at $497)

Price for Profit Calculator (Valued at $47)

Signature Naming Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

Signature Rx Workbook (Valued at $97)

Simple Worksheets Tutorial (Valued at $27)

5 Reasons Your Not Selling (Valued at $197)

Signature Rx Audio Download (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $959

Today's Price = $97


Hi there, I'm Kendra!!!!

I am a health business mentor extraordinaire and online strategist for health coaches and practitioners. When I started my business in 2014, I was CLUELESS to say the least! I just wanted to help people and I had no idea that I needed to learn an entirely different language and actually figure out how to grow a business! I felt like the online universe was working against me (hello, conspiracy theory!)

I followed the business model taught by my nutrition school and I was getting nowhere. I was broke, frustrated and ready to give up. Can you relate to this?!

Then one day, I did the math and realized that the framework I was following was destined to fail. There was NO way I could make money in business without working myself into the ground! I started to look for another way.

Fast-forward to 2017, I had built a multiple 6-figure waitlist coaching practice.

After seeing so many of my colleagues struggle like I did, I knew it was time to help other health coaches achieve the same results as me!

If you are NOT 100% satisfied with Signature Program Rx within 7-days, I am happy to offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can enroll today, and you don't even have to decide if you're in it for good. Take the full 7-days to explore the training content. Then you can make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don't.



You will have built out your signature program. It will be attractive to your ideal client, plus, they will think you made it for them.

You will have created a sexy name, and you will understand the benefits to purchasing it.

You will know your price point plus you will feel confident in how to logistically schedule new clients into your program.


Ever talk about your offer and get a blank stare? Or total deer caught in the headlight?

We will go through how to discuss your program to your ideal client in a way that they understand and also excites them to buy!



End the "what the fuck do I charge?" indecision!

I'll teach you what you actually should be basing your pricing off of (and what you shouldn't).

You will walk away with a price that feels good, helps increase your income, PLUS, a strategy to comfortably raise your price over time.


Stop stressing over a name for your program!

You will walk away with a name that you feel proud of!

Plus, it will appeal to your ideal client because they will instantly know that your program is for them!



Grab Signature Program Rx

Signature Program Rx Training (Valued at $497)

Price for Profit Calculator (Valued at $47)

Signature Naming Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

Signature Rx Workbook (Valued at $97)

Simple Worksheets Tutorial (Valued at $27)

5 Reasons Your Not Selling (Valued at $197)

Signature Rx Audio Download (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $959

Today's Price = $97





Frequently Asked Questions.

When does the Signature Program Rx start?

As soon as you complete your purchase! Signature Program Rx is completely self-paced. You can start when you want, break when you want and end when you want.

Can I get this if I am still in training or just graduated?

Yes! This is the perfect time to to get this program! The skills you will learn inside the trainings will set you up for success in your new health coaching business!

Is there any support included?

Unfortunately, at a price point this low, I cannot offer support. I'll be re-launching my signature coaching program, Health Coach Accelerator, again in 2021. So if you need coaching/support, stay tuned!

Will I be successful with Signature Program Rx?

That depends. You will get out of Signature Program what you put into it. Your business is your responsibility. I can't build your business for you.

If you are committed watching the training and implementing what I teach, then I have no doubt you will see success from this program.

The most committed and dedicated students always get the biggest results.

Is there a payment plan available?

No, for a price as low as $97, I cannot offer a payment plan. Remember - the $97 is a one-time fee!

Can I buy if I am not a health coach?

Maybe! If you are some type of online coach (life coach, personal development coach, mindset coach, spiritual coach) then the content taught in this program will be relevant!

You must be some sort of online coach selling coaching services for the trainings to be relevant to what you do!

I don't have a website. Should I build my website first and get the course later?

No! Please do not build a website yet.

Building a website is incredibly tech and time intensive. You need to be hyper clear on your brand, your ideal client, your program and your content before you should even consider a website.

Signature Program Rx will help you build something to sell and make you money. A website does not make you money.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes, as soon as your purchase is approved, you will get instant access to all the content!

What is the time commitment involved?

The training video for Signature Program Rx is just over an hour.. The implementation will take additional time on top of this. It will depend on how quickly you can make decisions.

My estimate would be about 4-5 hours total to watch the material and fill out the workbook.

Shall we build that Irresistible Offer of yours, starting today?

Let's do it!

Grab Signature Program Rx

Signature Program Rx Training (Valued at $497)

Price for Profit Calculator (Valued at $47)

Signature Naming Cheat Sheet (Valued at $47)

Signature Rx Workbook (Valued at $97)

Simple Worksheets Tutorial (Valued at $27)

5 Reasons Your Not Selling (Valued at $197)

Signature Rx Audio Download (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $959

Today's Price = $97