Don't Let Soul-Crushing Fatigue Ruin Your Life!
What if there was a tried and tested, step-by-step method, with the guidance of an expert PLUS access to testing that helped you recover your energy levels without breaking the bank?
What if there was a tried and tested, step-by-step method, with the guidance of an expert PLUS access to testing that helped you recover your energy levels without breaking the bank? 
Lacking cellular energy can lead to a TON of obnoxious symptoms, not unlike the ones plaguing you right now...
  •  Fatigue, that prevents you from exercising and spending time outside
  •  Brain fog, like you are walking around in a tunnel and disconnected from the world
  •  PMS - moodiness, crying for no reason, sore boobs, snapping at your partner, stabby cramping
  •  IBS - gas, bloating, stomach pains, hard poops, loose poops, weird poops, heart burn and stinky burps
  •  Skin issues like horrifying acne breakouts, hives, rashes, eczema and rosacea
  •  Headaches and migraines so painful that you want to crawl out of your skin
  •  Scary hormonal conditions like fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS (and all the symptoms that come with it)
  •  Frustrating weight gain. It's completely stuck. It won't come off no matter what you do. No diet and no exercise seems to budge the scale. And likely, your even gaining weight WTF!
Are you done with this crap, or what?!
What is High on Energy?
High on Energy is my Group Membership Program that not only gives you access to regular support from me but also gives you the option to order any tests you want for a fraction of what it would cost you as a private client. I can cut the cost of Functional testing by replacing 1:1 support from me with regular group coaching. 

Working one-on-one with me will cost you a minimum of $2000 but likely much more. High on Energy is a super tiny fraction of that price so that everyone has the opportunity to have the same results that my 1:1 clients achieve and truly get to the root of fatigue, hormonal condition and chronic GI disorders. 
In case we haven't met yet, I'm Kendra!

I’m the High Energy Nutritionist and Functional Health Expert. I help badass women break-free from debilitating fatigue with functional lab testing so they can create lives of laughter, excitement and adventure.

I also help women reverse hormonal conditions and digestive disorders. I am a HUGE advocate for lab testing. How can you recover your energy, hormones and gut health if you have NO idea what you're dealing with? The problem is, testing is super expensive! 

I created the HIGH on Energy Program to make Functional Lab Testing and support from a women's health expert affordable for everyone. Hands down!

How Can Functional Lab Testing Change Your Life?
Functional testing refers to a type of lab test that identifies the function of an individual. This means the outcome won't be everything is "normal" or that it's "all in your head."

This type of testing will uncover the root causes of your fatigue, exhaustion, burnout, hormonal issues, GI distress or whatever condition is preventing you from living your life to its fullest. 

It actually doesn't matter what symptom or condition you are struggling with. Functional testing can unwind even the most complex health issues. 

With test results, I can identify the main stressors that are throwing your body out of balance and preventing your cells from cultivating that precious energy. I can then create a customized protocol that gives your body the tools it needs so that it can heal itself and you can be the best version of yourself. 

I focus on hormone testing, GI stool testing, heavy metals testing, Hair Mineral Analysis and Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth testing. 
Here is What You Get as a High on Energy Member
2 Group Live Q&A calls a month. All your questions will be answered (no matter how silly) and plus you will get assistance in understanding your test results from an expert who knows what they mean. 
($597 value)
A Monthly Video Conference Call.  Speak to me directly on a private online video meeting. You can ask me anything and get direct coaching on any lab tests you run through the program. 
($497 value)
Access to the online Lab Test Store. You will be able to purchase any Functional Lab Test you have been dying to get done (for a fraction of the regular cost to work with me one-on-one) including: DUTCH Hormones, GI-MAP stool test, urine & stool metals testing, Hair Mineral Analysis, SIBO breath test, food sensitivity testing and more!

For every test you order, you get a detailed protocol in a PDF document that tells you EXACTLY what food to focus on and what supplements to take to start seeing results!
A badass community of women via a Facebook Group (70 and counting) who know exactly what you are going through whether you are dealing with debilitating fatigue, brain fog, hormonal issues, nasty GI issues like gas, bloating, tummy pain or weird-ass poops. They get it and they are here to support you!

Plus Kendra and one other expert will be in the group monitoring your questions, supporting you and holding you accountable. 
($497 value)
Food recommendations and a supplement plan
  •  High on Energy Starter Supplement plan - you get access to the starter protocol that you can customize based on your unique health issues and as you run lab tests
  •  High on Energy Cookbook - there are grain-free, AIP and vegan options (hundreds of recipes so far). New recipes are added monthly (by my super talented personal chef) so you will never get bored!
  • Food lists -  So you know what to eat and what to avoid
  •  Sample 3-week meal plan complete with shopping lists to prep your meals and keep eating healthy as simple as possible
($247 value)
Access to the High on Energy Members' Area where you will find hundreds of recipes, meal plans, videos, audio recordings, handouts, guides plus resources to help you understand your test results.
($997 value)
52-minute interview with personal trainer & movement expert, Cody Abbey. Cody teaches you how to exercise properly to build strength and increase weight loss & fat loss potential.
($197 value)
3 audio recordings to help you reduce stress, create more time in your life (for things you actually want to be doing - like this program!) and create a lighter, more positive mental space. Recordings include Silencing Your Inner Shit Talker, The Art of Saying No & Creating a Magical Morning Routine
($47 value)
15-minute stress reducing yoga sequence with Sarah Bresnahan (the most talented yoga teacher I know). Use this to unwind & reduce tension and stress at the end of a busy day. 
($97 value)
Energy-Boosting Guided-Meditation with yoga expert, Sarah Bresnahan that you can do anywhere, anytime to help boost energy levels and reduce fatigue. 
($97 value)
TONS of helpful resources including:  Healthy Fats Handout, Protein Cheat Sheet, How to Prepare, Nuts Grains and Seeds, 15-Minute Meals Cheat Sheet,  Detoxifying Foods, Gut-Healing Foods, Workout Plans, Syncing Your Exercise with Your Cycle, Exercise Recovery Plan, Emotional Freedom Technique, DIY Cleaning Recipes, Intermittent Fasting and more.... 
($497 value)
High on Energy is valued at over $3000
only $67/month
But only for the next 48 hours!
But wait...How Will I Understand My Test Results Without 1:1 Support?
For any lab test that you order, you will receive a fully customized protocol in a PDF document. It will be easy to follow and will highlight any specific foods or lifestyle habits you should be doing. It will also outline a therapeutic supplement protocol and exactly how to follow it (and where to purchase supplements).

LIVE Q&A's will happen every 2 weeks. This means you can submit any questions you have regarding your protocol or test results. You can also ask me questions if you haven't run any labs. During these calls, I'll make sure that every question is answered!

1 monthly live video conference call. We meet via an online meeting and you can speak with me directly regarding anything you have questions about. 

The Facebook Group will be monitored by myself and another Functional Health expert! You can post in the group and receive a response within 24 hours (but usually a lot faster) or even quicker from your fellow members. 

The Members' Area includes resources on how to understand your results. So for those nerdy ladies out there, you can dive into the tutorial videos and resource guides for a more comprehensive understanding of your results.
What are the Members Saying?
  • Endless energy - get the F out of that ditch and get energized right now
  •  Weight that is healthy and stable
  • Periods that come and go with ease
  • A clear mental state that helps you feel focused and confident (see ya brain fog!)
  • A strong immune system that keeps you healthy all winter long
  • Insane levels of energy and no more late afternoon crashes (or afterwork binge-fests)
  • Happy digestion – once a day bowel movements that are well-formed and complete
  • Deep restful sleep that makes you feel fantastic all day long
  • Clear skin that gets you compliments from strangers, “You’re Glowing!”
  •  The woman who is ready to make a change and stop feeling like crap every single day
  •  The woman who wants to feel energetic and clear headed all day long
  •  The woman who wants to balance her hormones and ditch PMS, mood swings and other nasty hormonal issues
  •  The woman who is interested in a healthy gut, healthy digestion and uncovering hidden infections
  •  The woman who would like to lose a few pounds and feel better in her clothing (the healthy way)
  •  The woman who wants to be a part of a kickass group of women who love and support each other
  •  The woman who is sick of guessing and is ready to run some tests and get some real answers
  •  The woman is wants to grow as a person and learn to be healthy for life
  • The woman who wants endless energy and a clear cut path for health and happiness
  •  You are looking for a quick-fix and aren't willing to put the work in (results don't happen overnight)
  •  You want to lose weight at the expense of your health
  •  You don’t think your health is worth investing in
  •   You are comfortable with feeling your worst on a daily basis
  •  You have no desire to put an effort towards changing bad habits and actually getting healthy
Frequently Asked Questions

Is HIGH on Energy only for women?

Yes. This program is for women only or for individuals who identify with being female. Men or men-identified individuals are not allowed in the program. This is a safe place for women to share and express their most sensitive issues. I do work with men as 1:1 clients so please visit my website for more information on becoming a private client.

How does it work with paying for HIGH on Energy?

After you sign up, you will officially be enrolled in HIGH on Energy. You will then be billed every month (or every 3 months) on the same day automatically. It can take time to see results so I recommend giving the program at least 6 months. But I promise you will love it so much you will never want to leave. 

Why do you charge US dollars when you are Canadian?

Good question. I may be Canadian but all my business is done in the United States. All my expenses, the cost for me to order test kits for you are all in US dollars. The only way for me to run this program successfully is to work in one currency.

Do I have to order lab tests to join?

Nope! You can stay in HIGH on Energy for as long as you want without ordering lab tests. You will still get access to all the same benefits as those who do decide to order lab tests. You can still benefit from implementing the food & supplement plan and connecting with me during live coaching calls. 

Would I be able to order test kits for my family members?

Yes, you are welcome to order test kits for spouses, partners or family members. They will still get the customized protocol and you can ask questions for them in the group.

Am I able to order labs that aren't listed in the store?

Possibly. If you have a request, you can let us know and we will see if it is possible to order it for you. 

Are supplements included?

Unfortunately, no. For the extremely low investment for HIGH on Energy, it is not possible for me to include the cost of supplements. I do give you access to my online dispensary and let you know other places where you can purchase recommended supplements if they are not available in the dispensary. 

How long until I see results?

That depends. Everyone will see results at a different pace. Results are also dependent on so many external factors that I have no control over. I have seen people boost their energy and see a shift in their symptoms in a few days and I have also seen it take many months. I recommend sticking with the program for at least 6 months and running a few tests so that we can customize your program and speed up the process. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. Because it takes time to see results, I want you to commit for at least 6 months. If you cancel before this, you are doing yourself and your health a dis-service.

Do you give refunds?

No. Because this is a monthly membership, I do not process refunds ever. You can cancel at any time. As long as you cancel prior to the start of your next billing cycle, you will not be charged moving forward. You will continue to receive your benefits for the billing cycle you paid for and then will be removed. 

If you raise the price of High on Energy, will I have to pay more?

Nope! I will honour the $47/month for eternity! That means if I raise the price to $997/month, you will still pay the $47/month as long as you don't cancel. 

What if I need to speak with you privately?

Unfortunately, at such a low price point, I can't offer 1:1 calls. However, we do offer an optional upgrade for 1:1 calls with another practitioner I trained personally. This service is completely optional but highly recommended if you feel you need additional support or a better understanding of your test results.

Consultations are offered by Jodie Ellenor, our amazing HOE practitioner. She is happy to review your test results or answer any of your questions in either 30-minute or 60-minute appointments.

Even without the upgrade, I am providing you tons of support via the Facebook group, 2 monthly live Q&A's PLUS the live video conference call meeting each month. You can speak with me DIRECTLY on the video conference meeting. 

I truly know, even though you don't get the 1:1 calls, you will still feel supported and know EXACTLY what to do to reverse fatigue, get your hormones in order and heal that troubled tummy. If you do want to become a private client, you can always apply to one of the private coaching programs at any point. 

Any other questions?

Use the Facebook chat box or email
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