Why not consider launching a group coaching program that gives them the high-value results of your 1:1 clients but at a lower price point that they can afford?!

Get my my 5-step system checklist that teaches you how to launch an online group program in 30-days or less!
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  • ​How I turned 4 failed launches into 350K
  • ​How to determine if a business is ready for a group program
  • How to guarantee that a program will sell
  • ​How to choose a group program structure
  • ​How to make money BEFORE creating the actual program
  • ​How to make a program that is the BEST in your industry
  • The steps that can lead to a successful group program launch!
"I found Kendra at a point in time when I was desperate to say the least. I coaching that she offers is unlike anything I have ever experienced. She certainly exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her!"

~ Dr. Carmen James,
"If you're looking for help in terms of how to launch your practice
guidelines for how to get a practice online and strategies for,
the more of the clinical side of things, I would definitely
recommend that you follow Kendra!"

~ Jodie Ellenor, Healing Journey Services
Hi there! My name is Kendra. I am on a mission to end health coach poverty.  My goal is to end health coaches financial poverty by helping them build a thriving online business. 

I teach health coaches how to create a business that generates profit with the Wealthy Coach Framework and then I help you scale with the Profitable Groups System. 

I am also the host of the HIGH on Business Podcast where we dig into all the mindset, strategy and systems of growing a success online coaching business.
I am a passionate outdoor enthusiast and adrenaline junkie and in my free time you will find me scaling mountains with skis, bikes, harnesses and ropes and swimming naked in whatever lake/river I can find!

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