I'm not just going to tell you to go to bed early or stop drinking coffee. You have already heard that 
1 MILLION times!!!

Get effective, actionable strategies that you need to implement if you want more energy!

I will NEVER share your information with anyone!
I'm a leading Functional Medicine Nutritionist who works with hundreds of badass, outdoor enthusiast women to break-free from debilitating fatigue, hormone imbalance and chronic GI disorders with detox strategies & Functional Lab testing, so they can get back outside and create a life of adventure and excitement. 

I got my start in Functional Nutrition 6 years ago when my health and happiness came crashing down around me. I was devestated. I couldn't sleep, my hormones were a mess and my energy levels were so low, I felt like an 80 year old women. This inspired me to get trained in Functional Health so I could heal myself.

After seeing the incredible results in myself, I decided to make a career change and help other women to do the same. Today, I have worked with hundreds of clients, analyzed thousands of functional labs tests and finally, I understand exactly what women need to ditch chronic fatigue and FINALLY reclaim their energy levels. 

Oh yeah...and I spend all my free time in the mountains and love to lie on the beach drinking kombucha and eating strawberries in the sunshine. 
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