What's included in the Cheet Sheet
  •  5 reasons to use stool testing
  •  The difference between a traditional test and a PCR/DNA test
  •  Blood chemistry patterns that indicate gut issues 
  •  Important points to consider when interpreting a GI-MAP
  •  Detailed information on every single marker on the comprehensive panel
  •  Where you can order the GI-MAP if you are an unlicensed practitioner
Who the Heck am I?
My name is Kendra Perry and I am a highly trained Functional Nutrition Practitioner.

I help up-and-coming health professionals and coaches become experts in their field with cutting-edge Functional Health education & simple online marketing strategies so they can transform their clients and build fulfilling, profitable and freedom-based businesses.

I have over 5 years experience reading and interpreting functional tests (I have seen hundreds) like the GI-MAP, DUTCH Hormones, heavy metals, HTMA and SIBO testing. Early on in my career I was hand-picked to be a course mentor by Reed Davis of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Certification Program. 

In my 3 years with FDN, I was involved in training practitioners in functional lab interpretation, developing advanced training programs (in hormones, gut health and hair mineral analysis), supporting new practitioners in marketing and business strategies plus I was the main clinical adviser for Hair Mineral Analysis testing. 

I currently mentor other health practitioners so they too can become experts and manage even the toughest of their client cases.