Need a niche?

Or wondering if the one you chose sucks?

Niche Like a Boss is the power-packed workshop to discovering a PROFITABLE niche and attracting clients online!

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Kim Heintz,
"I've had a really hard time getting clients to sign with me. After I took the workshop, I was able to come up with 40 pain points my ideal client has and the ideas just keep coming!!! I highly recommend that anyone who is struggling with getting clients or their message take this workshop."
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"I've had a really hard time getting clients to sign with me. After I took the workshop, I was able to come up with 40 pain points my ideal client has and the ideas just keep coming!!! I highly recommend that anyone who is struggling with getting clients or their message take this workshop."

Kim Heintz,

 A warning to everyone reading this page...before you go any further, there is something you NEED to know...

The MOST COMMON reason why coaches are failing to attract clients online or produce engaging social media content is because of their niche is defective disaster. Yikes!

When the niche is off, coaches find themselves with a few very serious and debilitating problems...

  • PROBLEM 1: People online don't understand what the coach does or that they can help them solve their problem (ie. zero clients)

  • ​PROBLEM 2: Their message doesn't connect with the people they want to help, so potential clients seek out other coaches (ie. empty schedule)

  • ​PROBLEM 3: The coach has no idea what content to create and the content they do produce generates a long, painful silences (ie. zero engagement)

Sound familiar?


  • No clients
  • ​No following
  • ​No email list
  • ​No income
  • ​Confusion
  • ​Frustration
  • ​Feeling like, "This isn't working. Is it time to give up?"



Online coaches CAN 100% grow a thriving & successful coaching business that they adore


NOT if their niche is broken!

Choosing a the right niche needs to not only feel right and aligned BUT, it needs to be profitable. 

And it doesn't have to be a war of analysis paralysis or indecision. In fact, I have a 5-step process and assessment that will help all online coaches achieve those two magic bullets; 

alignment + profitability

I can hear coaches saying...

And that simply isn't true. EVERY SINGLE business on this planet has a niche. And yes, every coach needs one too!  

In the words of my mentor, "You need to niche down to blow up."

I made this training who want to get serious with their business and start attracting clients 

- on the reg!

Put your niche to the test with...

Niche Like a Boss is a 'health biz expert-approved' 2-hour power-packed workshop for new online coaches who want to choose a niche that they feel fired up and inspired about and sets them up for a waitlist coaching practice.

Perfect for online coaches of all types!

health coaches - wellness coaches - health practitioners - mindset coaches - life coaches - spiritual coaches - fitness coaches - lifestyle coaches - personal development coaches

"After niching into periods, I have never been happier or felt more authentic in business. Thank you for your niching seminar!"


Reformed Metabolics

MINI-TRAINING / Niche Like a Boss

In this training, we will dive into all things niching. I'll teach why niching is crucial in business and common mistakes that health coaches make. I'll walk students through my Profitable Niche Framework and I'll give them my POWERFUL strategy for getting to know their ideal client inside and out. Not only will students have their niche but they will understand how to get inspiration for content that their audience loves!

What We'll Cover

  • The power of niching and the most common niching mistakes
  • ​My 5-step formula to choosing a niche that is aligned & profitable
  • ​The niches to avoid
  • ​How to get inside the ideal clients' brain and connect with them
  • ​The most important activity coaches can do as a new business owner
  • ​Where to find compelling and interesting content ideas

SUPER BONUS - Profitable Niche Templates Included

Along with the training, I'll provide students with the NICHE LIKE A BOSS workbook, 55 PROFITABLE HEALTH & WELLNESS NICHES Swipe File, IS THE NICHE PROFITABLE Assessment PLUS an audio download of the training.


Get access to my full Niche Like a Boss Workbook. This will walk you through my 5-step profitable niche process. 

Plus, I'll give you secret strategies to getting to know your ideal client deeply (so your marketing efforts are easy and breezy)

I totally understand that your life is busy and you spend ENOUGH time on your laptop already! 

I have added the workshop to a downloadable audio file so you can listen on your walk or while driving in your car!

"I love Kendra's direct non B.S. approach! I would absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to niche like a boss!"


Grab Niche Like a Boss Now

Niche Like a Boss training (Valued at $497)

Niche Like a Boss Audio Download (Valued at $17)

Niche like a Boss Workbook (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $561

Today's Price = $97 

only $27

Niche like a Boss taught me to narrow down my niche and make myself more marketable! I love Kendra's directness and how she doesn't waste time. She is very thorough and breaks things down into small, manageable chunks. I absolutely recommend this!


Health Educator


Frequently Asked Questions.
When does Niche Like a Boss Start?
As soon as your purchase! Niche Like a Boss is a pre-recorded workshop so is ready for you to enjoy immediately. 

Once you purchase, you will be sent an email within 5-10 minutes giving you access to the training!

Can I Niche Like a Boss if I am still in training or just graduated?
Yes! This is the perfect time to get Niche Like a Boss! You will be ahead of the game and know exactly what you need to do to get that business running and generating a profit!
Are their live calls?
No. This is a pre-recorded workshop so there are no live calls for this training. 
Will I be successful with Niche Like a Boss?
That depends. I developed Niche Like a Boss to be the last niche training you will ever need.

If you follow the workshop closely, complete the niche workbook and implement what I teach, I have no doubt you will have a profitable niche by the end of the training. 

Is there a payment plan available?

No. For the low, low price of $27, I can't offer a payment plan. The $27 is a one-time fee!

Can I join if I am not a health coach?
Maybe! If you are some type of online coach (life coach, personal development coach, mindset coach, spiritual coach) then the content taught in this program will be relevant!

You must be some sort of online coach selling coaching services for this workshop to work.
I don't have a website. Should I build my website first and sign up later?
No! Please do not build a website yet.

Building a website is incredibly tech and time intensive. You need to be hyper clear on your idea client, plus many other things. 

Niche Like a Boss will help you choose a profitable niche which is the first step in your marketing plan.

Start with your niche. Put your website on the back burner. 

Is the content available immediately?
Yes, as soon as you purchase, you will get access to all the workshop training and bonuses!
Do I really need to choose a niche?
Yes. You need a niche! EVERY business on this planet has a niche. No niche = no business.

Your niche sets the foundation for all your marketing efforts so please start by defining a niche!

Ready to Start this Niche Party?

Here's is the honest, brutal truth. Choosing a niche is THE MOST important action you can take as a new business owner.

Most coaches butcher this process and pick a niche that isn't actually a niche.

The niche is broken!

The result? People on the internet have no idea they can help them and they don't get clients!

Don't be that coach.

Instead - invest in Niche Like a Boss and you'll be set up in my exclusive members area, diving into all the secrets of a money-making niche. And at the end of the day, you'll have your niche narrowed down and ready to announce to the world.

In fact, its my guess that you will learn something mind-blowing about niching that you have NEVER heard before in the first 20-minutes of this workshop

Sounds good, right?

And more importantly, Niche Like a Boss will demystify all your niche confusion and teach you how to set yourself apart from the online coaching crowd - so you can start seeing progress and start growing that bank account (for real!)

See you inside!

~ Kendra

Grab Niche Like a Boss Now

Niche Like a Boss training (Valued at $497)

Niche Like a Boss Audio Download (Valued at $17)

Niche like a Boss Workbook (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $561

Today's Price = $97 

only $27

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