Hey health practitioner -

Are you ready to create financial freedom for yourself while you're out there changing lives?

Hey health practitioner -

Are you ready to create financial freedom for yourself while you're out there changing lives?

Ready to make $10k per month in your business consistently?

I know you're soooo ready! But let's get super real here and talk about the experience you're having instead... despite all your hard, hard work... It's been months or years into your health business and... you're hitting wall, after wall, after wall and progress is... well, non-freaking existent!

Even though you've been...

  • Promoting your website online
  • Adding value on social media
  • Building a free Facebook Group
  • Blogging up a storm
  • Hustling like a beast
  • Working on the weekends
  • Doing. All. The. Things.

I mean... that's what everyone teaches, right?!

With your passion, expertise and ALL the hours you spent getting certified... It would make sense that people would be banging down your door for help! They need what you have.

You can literally change their lives! But...

  • You have zero idea what you are doing, despite following all the business gurus
  • Your client roster is hit and miss
  • You feel like no one is listening (Hellloooo!?)
  • Your bank account isn't giving you that warm fuzzy feeling you expected
  • The tech makes you want to punch a wall
  • And - - you often find those thoughts of self-doubt, fear of failure and imposter syndrome creeping in

Instead of building your dream business..

You're working on the weekends, swamped by your to-do list, getting lost down tech rabbit holes, spending hours creating social media content and despite all that... You are STILL not seeing the success you know you deserve! But Whhyyy?! Friend! You are not alone.

This is exactly how I felt my
first couple years in business.

Hey there! I'm Kendra.

I am a health business mentor and online strategist for health coaches and practitioners. When I started my business in 2014, I was clueless to say the least!

I just wanted to help people but I had no idea how to grow a business! I felt like the online universe was working against me (hello, conspiracy theory!)

I followed the business model taught by my nutrition school and I was getting nowhere. I was broke, frustrated and ready to give up. Then one day, I did the math and realized that the framework I was following was destined to fail. So I figured out a better way!

Fast-forward to 2018, I had built a multiple 6-figure health coaching practice that allowed me to change lives. My success showed me that it was time to help other health coaches achieve the same results as me! So...

I switched my focus,
and the rest is history.

So WTF is a coach to do who is doing ALL. THE. THINGS...

yet isn't making any meaningful progress?


Here's the problem - you're trying to build your house by starting with the roof... when what you need is a foundation. One that is totally unshakeable and builds you a strong-a$$ business. Otherwise, that business is just going to crumble!

So instead of pushing ahead with your shaky, half toppled over business, we need to take a few steps back.

We need to go back to the beginning and make sure what you're attempting to build on is structurally sound. Think of me as your personal building inspector ready to help you get your sketchy AF house back on track and ready to dominate inspection approval!

"My favourite part of Kendra's [coaching] style is her no nonsense approach that cuts through all the unnecessary fluff and bullsh*t.

When I joined HCA, I was struggling to figure out how to organize my client program and get my voice out into the world. The most valuable thing I learned in HCA was a systematic approach to all the components of creating a program and promoting it."

-Genevieve Chittick Tonin
I'm so fired up to bring you...

HCA is the 'Health Expert Approved' step-by-step business building system & mentorship program for wellness coaches and practitioners who want to build a 6-figure health business online.

Without having to invest in paid ads, a fancy website, or sell your soul thrusting around on Tiktok. No fluff, no BS, just the exact steps you need to take to create a growing and thriving health biz! This Step-by-Step Program is an online course, group coaching program AND mentorship that starts the minute you sign up!

So, what’s Included?

Module 1: The Wealthy Practitioner Mindset

F*ck those mindset blocks! You’ll learn a strategic method of self-coaching that you can easily implement to smash any mindset block and start making progress. Imposter syndrome? We got this! Fear of putting yourself out there? No problem! Perfectionism? Meh, we good!

Module 2: Business Start-Up Basics

Brand spanking new? No problem! In this module, you’ll get all the business basics in place so you feel confident in your business name, your legals, your organization structure, Plus, I’ll show you how to get more shit done with simple time management & productivity tools.

Module 3: Business Identity

No more niche drama, baaabay! By the end of module 3, you will have chosen a profitable niche, outlined your specific ideal client avatar, created your unique brand identity + written your origin story. You’ll be clearer than a box of cling wrap!

Module 4: Construct Your Killer Offer

Let’s build you an offer soooo gooood that your audience starts throwing their credit cards at you and shouting, “Take my money!” By the end of Module 4, you will have built out your killer offer (aka your Signature Program) that completely transforms your clients. You will have named it, branded it and given it a price point that you feel confident in.

Module 5: Sell with Confidence

The thought of sales got you feeling gross and icky? No need to worry because we only deal with ethical & authentic selling in these parts! By the end of Module 5, you'll have mastered my powerful, high-converting sales call script; the same script that has generated over 1 million dollars for HCA students. Plus, you’ll understand how to handle objections without feeling pushy or salesy!

Module 6: Copywriting & Content Attraction

Never wonder “What the F should I post?!” on social media again. You’ll be provided with a strategic content plan that engages your audience and builds a community of raving fans. You’ll learn the most effective way to grow your social following and how to have impactful conversations that lead to paying clients.

Module 7: The Email Marketing Machine

Let's get that list set up, already! Your email list is your most valuable asset as a health coach. By the end of Module 7, you'll have your high-value freebie created, your opt-in page will be live, your email nurture sequence written, and a clear plan in place for how to grow your email list.

Module 8: The Internal Scale

You can't grow if you don't have your internal processes dialed! By the end of module 8, you will understand the qualities of a highly successful business, how to give your clients a 5-star experience and how to expand your reach and gain more visibility online!

Tech Expert in Training Library

If you describe yourself as "not very techy" or "tech illiterate" then you can rest easy knowing that I'll make sure you have everything you need to figure out the tech. I'll have a full library of absolutely everything we discuss inside the program.

180 Days of Live Support including:

3 x per Month Group Coaching Calls

Twice monthly with Kendra and once monthly with your HCA Coach, you'll get to jam out on our live group coaching calls. You can ask questions or get live coaching unmuted on the call. No question goes unanswered!

Weekly 'My Eyes on Your Business' Reviews

Every week, you can submit what you're working on for review from Kendra or your HCA Coach. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. You can get our eyes on your business to make sure you are on track and moving in the right direction!

Monthly Mindset + Productivity Call w/ Chanee

Chanee Momoko is one of the most talented Life Coaches on the planet!!! Like MIND-BLOWING! Regardless of what you are struggling with, you’ll be able to get real-time coaching so you can quickly work through imposter syndrome, fear, paralysis, or worrying about not getting clients results and start moving forward in your business.

Facebook Support Community

Find your business besties, reach out for support with whatever you need and get your quick questions answered within 1-business day, Monday through Friday by Kendra or Claudia!

"I would recommend this program 100%

"When I joined HCA, I was unclear on whom I was serving. I wanted to help everyone and so I couldn't focus on going deep in any area. Kendra is passionate and no-nonsense, which is endearing, appealing, and makes her easy to learn from. I would recommend this program 100%. Kendra overdelivers on content and wisdom. I'll be back for more!"

- Jennifer Woodward

"Kendra’s course will help you to build success.

When I joined HCA, I didn't know how to use social media tech to get organized so I can get my message out. It helped build up my confidence and will make me look more professional and now I have something to give to people to help develop my business. If you want to get ahead and have an actual path to success, Kendra’s course will help you to build success with the tools we need and the ideas that work."

- Lori Balue

"It is a clear, methodical, and complete step by step method.

"I was ready to give up on doing health coaching altogether because I had no idea where to start in making it profitable, worthwhile, and attracting people that actually wanted to do the work. It is a clear, methodical, and complete step by step method for professional health coaches and want-to-be-coaches to go from newbies to up and having the blueprint needed for a fully functioning, effective, and profitable business, beneficial for the coach and the client."

- Daynel Brisk

"HCA is a great step to help your business grow."

"When I joined HCA, I was struggling to find and attract new clients. I really loved all the tech support offered, coaching support and ideas for ways to set up my online business. Kendra is down to earth too! HCA is a great step to help your business grow."

-Tania Mercuri

But, that’s not it…

I have an insane, crazy MEGA BONUS for you that I still can’t believe I am giving away for free!

If you sign up now for HCA, I’m throwing in the One-To-Many Mega Bonus! This bonus will teach you how to turn your Signature Program into a group coaching program or an online course; complete with a launch plan, sales email templates and Masterclass toolkit! I used to sell this as a stand alone course for $1497! But today, you can get it absolutely free when you enroll in HCA!

I mean…how good is that?!

Everything you need to hit $10k per month consistently in the next 6-12 months.

I'll be coaching you in real time. If you commit to me, I'll commit to you! By the end of 180-days, you will have your 6-figure marketing plan + ethical sales framework in place and be ready to enroll clients like a health boss (or already be enrolling them and watching your bank account explode).

No complicated strategies, no over-your-head tech, no unrealistic promises.

“Within 2-months of joining HCA, I had my first 5K month!

I loved Kendra's teaching style. I think she's very clear. She's very direct and to the point and it was really helpful for me. I loved hearing exactly what I need to do. I think the teaching style is perfect. Thanks, Kendra!

- Karri Ball, Functional-NTP

Enroll in Health Coach Accelerator Today

Total Value = $22,079

8-Module HCA Course (Value: $9997)

180-Days Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls (Value: $5997)

180-Days Weekly Reviews (Value: $1997)

180-Days Monthly Mindset Call (Value $1297)

180-Days Facebook Support Group (Value: $997)

Tech Expert Tutorial Library (Value: $297)

One-to-Many MEGA BONUS (Value: $1497)


or 6 x payments of $547

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full refund at 60-days. If at 60-days, after purchasing, you are not satisfied with your experience, we will offer you a full refund. We just require that you give the program an honest shot and show us proof that you have implemented the program. Your success in this program fully relies on you actually doing the work. This refund is not for those who aren't willing to do the work or are looking for a free ride. Refunds will not be approved in these situations so please enroll thoughtfully. Buuuuuuuut, I am 100% confident that you are going to LOOOOVE HCA - so I highly doubt you will need this but if you do, we stand behind our guarantee!

"Sign up for Kendra's HCA!

"After enrolling in HCA, with Kendra's mentoring and guidance, I finally nailed down a niche that is unique, feels right energetically, and was able to create one signature program specific to the niche! f you are feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, not confident enough to "put" yourself out there as a new coach, or you keep signing up for the new shiny courses that you think will help, stop right there and sign up for Kendra's HCA instead!"

- Margot Shute

"I found 2 clients before I even graduated!

"Before joining HCA I was frustrated and confused with everything I was supposed to be doing. I ended up wasting a lot of time focusing on the wrong things that weren't progressing me forward whatsoever, I had no clients and no way of actually helping people. My biggest win was getting direction and having a plan of action and a road map. I feel CLEAR on what I'm doing now without any unnecessary fluff."

- Jessica Sharp

"My biggest win from HCA was getting my first 3 clients!

"My favorite part about Kendra's teaching style is she's very straightforward and teaches things in a way that are easy to understand. Setting up a business can be so complicated and overwhelming but she breaks it up into little steps so it's easier to implement everything without getting so overwhelmed! My biggest win from HCA was getting my first 3 clients!"

- Rachel Wenster

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 90-minute live coaching calls happen every other Thursday @ 9:30am PST with Kendra. The mindset call and sales script practice call each happen once a month on Thursday at 1:30pm PST

If you show up to the live call, you will have the opportunity to unmute and get real time coaching from Kendra!

All calls are recorded for you to watch later. If you can't make the call, you can submit your questions or homework in advance.

You will get lifetime access to the course materials. You will get 180-days access to the live support calls, weekly reviews and Facebook Group. After 180-days, you can purchase a monthly membership should you choose to continue to get support with launching your group program.

Yes! This is the perfect time to join HCA! You will be ahead of the game and know exactly what you need to do to get that business running and generating a profit!

Great question! We focus on marketing your business through a combination of organic social media, DM conversations and collaborations. We don’t work with paid advertising in HCA as that can be very costly and incredibly technical.

Yes, my friend. Just like a plant needs water and sunlight to grow - - your business will need intentional investment to grow as well!

I'm a minimalist at heart and I have a strong belief in a lean business - - not a cheap one! I'll give you my favorite, cost-effective tools that will not only save you a ton of time BUT also make it easier for you to enroll new clients. The investment for these platforms will be around $100 - $250 per month (depending on how lean you decide to go).

The program starts as soon as you enroll! You will get access to all the content at once so you can complete the modules in your own time. The live support component of the program begins as soon as you sign up. We cannot delay the start of your live support under any circumstances.

Yes! You can finance the program for 6 monthly payments. You just need to select that option at checkout.

Maybe! If you are some type of online coach (life coach, personal development coach, mindset coach, spiritual coach) then the content taught in this program will be relevant!

Absolutely! If you're an MD, Dietician, Nurse practitioner, Physiotherapist, Massage therapist, etc. and want to start a virtual practice and stop the hourly rate, revolving door business model and start selling high-ticket programs - - then you will be great fit for HCA! We have served many types of licensed health practitioners to take their practice online - - including the ones mentioned above. We are experienced in working with licensing board requirements. We can adapt whatever we need to build you a program you’re excited about!

Remember you can build your business without any help...

but that could take years.

How much time do you have to waste? How much money do you have to last you those years? Why not hire a super star mentor who can greatly shorten your time to success and guide you to those 10K months and that business of your wildest dreams?!

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Kristi Sanders

Jessica Sharp

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