Group Program Academy

What if you could have your group program created and launched in the next 90-days?

Group Program Academy is the 'holistic' 5-step creation and launch system where you'll learn how to build a POWERFUL group coaching program and fill it with ideal clients.

You want to TRANSFORM you 1:1 services into a profitable group coaching program that blows your clients' minds...

But the hardest part is just getting started, am I right?

You're thinking of all the months that it's gonna take to build out that program, to create the content, to record the videos, to develop the resources, to figure out how to launch it, and feels well...


You're already working with 1:1 clients...You're already feeling maxed with your time...AND, you're worried that you'll lose the intimacy you value with your private clients.

PLUS - - you've never launched in your life and it honestly feels TERRIFYING


It's A LOT of work to build an entire program AND launch it - - not to mention actually see the success and enrollments that you want!

And maybe the whole thing just feels like a huge risk...

...I mean what if no on signs up?

But, if we're being completely honest, you are...

My friend...I hear you. I see you. I understand you.

I too started my business working with 1:1 clients and for a time, I absolutely loved it.

But as time wore on, I started to get tired, exhausted and under-inspired.

And what I wanted was to launch a one-to-many program so I could serve more people and make more money without working more hours in the day.

So I decided to create Hormone Power...

Hormone Power was my first attempt at a one-to-many program.

I spent over 6-months creating it. I worked on the weekends. I sacrificed my relationship. I put all my hopes and dreams into this program.

I was totally CONVINCED that I would make 15K on the launch.

I pumped money into a Facebook Ads that brought hundreds of engaged leads onto my webinar. The webinar went off without a single tech issue. The attendees seems super excited about everything I shared.

And then....


By the end of the launch I managed to make one sale - - which didn't even cover a 1/8 of what I had invested into ads.

Feeling determined to make Hormone Power a success - - I tried launching it 4 more times over the next 8-weeks and only managed 3 more sales


(paralyzed in the fetal position on the bathroom floor defeated)

"Maybe it's just not meant to be," I thought to myself. Maybe it was time to give up and just accept that private coaching was the only way for me to make money in my business.

It was a devastating thought because I was overwhelmed with all my 1:1 clients. I was burnt out. I was under inspired. I knew I wanted a group program BUT four failures in a row felt like a sign from the universe that I needed to give up.

And I did give up for a time!

For 3-months, I just accepted my fate. But the group coaching dream was still there and it was brewing beneath the surface. It got so strong that I decided to give it another shot.

I began looking closely at my four failed launches it became clear why I hadn't seen the results I had hoped for.

I realized that I had launched Hormone Power without a critical piece of information...

Proof of Concept - - or proof that my audience wanted what I was selling.

I assumed they wanted Hormone Power - - and they didn't.

I was launching BLIND and my results showed it.

"But wait! How do you get 'proof of concept' when you have never sold the program before?" launch with an idea to PROVE it will sell and then build it afterwards - so you don't waste months (or years) and all your hard-earned money creating a program that flops like Hormone Power.

I call this "The Launch First Formula" and it's exactly what used to launch my first successful group program, HIGH on Energy!

I made 7.5K - which was more money I had ever made at one time - and that program went on to generate over 150K.

It's been three years since that first group program success and I've used the Launch First Formula on every single program I have run (including this one!).

Last year, I generated over half a million dollars, helped hundreds of students, built an inspiring team and created more freedom in my business than I ever thought possible. In fact, as I write this I have mountain biked 5/7 mornings in the past week (including today!).

Group Programs have given me so much and are the perfect way for you to scale your business and increase your income while maintaining the intimacy of 1:1 coaching.

It's my mission to teach you my formula to you so you can avoid all my painful mistakes and quickly & seamlessly have the group coaching program of your dreams!

I'm super fired up to bring you...

Your 'Holistic' 5-Step Launch System for Coaches Ready to Build a Money-Making Group Program and a Flexible, Freedom-Based Business.

Consider GPA your VIP express ticket to quickly getting an effective & transformational program to market and putting dollars in your bank account.

Perfect for any online coach in the health & wellness or personal development space!

health coaches - wellness coaches - mindset coaches - spiritual coaches - life coaches - fitness coaches - health practitioners - health professionals

Angela enrolled 8 ideal clients in her first group program launch and generated 4K.

By the end of this program

you will have:

Above all else...

Group Program Academy will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently create and launch your group program - which will serve as the foundation to fuel your freedom and ability to build a business and a life you love.

What's Inside

Group Program Academy...


The Planning Party

Create a strategic blueprint for your group

  • Choose the perfect program topic & style

  • Get clear on your ideal group client

  • Nail down the promise of your method

  • Create an effective program name

  • Determine a profitable price point


The Pre-Launch

Heat up your audience and get them ready to buy

  • Start warming up your audience for your launch

  • Create your program VIP list

  • Execute an effective social media content plan

  • Stack your email list with potential buyers


The Beta Test

Build out your transformational program

  • An easy-to-follow program format

  • Develop of results-generating program framework

  • Develop your program curriculum

  • Get all your ducks in a row; refund policy, legals, payment collection, testimonial acquisition and feedback forms.


The Launch-Off

Build & Execute Your POWERFUL Launch Plan

  • Execute my minimalist launch plan to get more sales with less effort

  • Get sale-generating email templates written by my professional copywriter

  • Access my high-converting sales page template

  • Options for those who want to go fancy or those who want to go minimalist


The After Party

Reflect, Reassess, Re-organize and Prep for your next launch!

A launch assessment plan to troubleshoot your launch outcome

  • Your launch stats workbook for tracking progress and identifying holes

  • ​​​A plan for optimizing with each cohort and making it the best in your space

  • How to deal if your launch doesn't go as planned


The Tech Expert Library

For all the 'tech illiterate' identified

Tech platform recommendations for low and high budgets

  • Detailed 'how-to' for ALL platforms recommended in the course

  • ​​​Easy-to-follow screenshare tutorials

I ended up making 6K for my launch!

"TEN people enrolled, Kendra. T-E-N! I'm so stoked. Your teachings have made all the difference. I ended up making 6K for my launch. That's more than I've ever made in a month in my online business. It will be even more the second time round. I just know it!"

Dr. Shannon Curtis @dr.shannoncurtis


Students of Group Program Academy will also get...

Simply Sold Sales Bundle

Never wrote sales copy in your life? No problem. The Simply Sold Sales Bundle includes a high-converting sales page template and sales email swipe files written by my personal professional copywriter. All you need to do is customize them to your niche - - and you're ready to sell out your program!

Sell Your A$$ Off Webinar Script

Are webinars dead? Nope! They are still a powerful tool to sell out your group program. While we will be using a more minimal approach in Group Program Academy, you will need a webinar to sell future reiterations of your program. And when it comes time, you will have a high-converting script to enroll more members!

Triple Your Website Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful search engine and great place to generate more leads for your website and landing pages. Pinterest expert, Digital Julia, shows you the simple Pinterest strategy to get more leads and sales.

"I would never have been able to do this without this course!"

"Group Program Academy taught me how to launch my program in the easiest way possible. It helped me put my program together with a clear prospective. The pricing, how to's, resources library and the video tutorials were a life saver! Absolutely, I would recommend this program! I would never have been able to do this without this course help"

~ Stacey Turner @staceyturnerwellness


  • 5-module Course (Value $4997)
  • Tech Expert Tutorial Library (Value $197)
  • Sell Your A$$ Off Webinar Script (Value $997)
  • Simply Sold Sales Bundle (Value $997)
  • Pinterest Masterclass (Value $297)

Total Value = $7,485

Regular Price = $997 total

Today's Price = $797 total

Or 6 x payments of $147

Who is Group Program Academy for?

  • ​Coaches who are already on social media, understand how to use it and are actively building a following

  • Coaches who currently have an email list or are willing to work hard to get at least 200 niche-specific subscribers

  • Coaches who have tried launching a group program in the past and didn't see the success that they wanted

  • Coaches who want to reduce or eliminate 1:1 coaching

  • Coaches who want to build a group program without sacrificing intimacy and client results

Who is Group Program Academy NOT for?

  • Coaches who are brand new and have never worked with a client

  • Coaches who have no social media following and don't know how to use social media

  • Coaches who have no drive to build an email list

  • Coaches who are stressed about money and need it ASAP

If you are brand new to your biz, have never worked with a client, are clueless about social media and need to make money NOW - I GOT YOU!

Start with my foundational program, Health Coach Accelerator™️. This proram will teach you how to set up systems, master social media, get clients quickly and build brand visibility. HCA™️ is the prerequisite for Group Program Academy.

HCA™️ sound like a better fit? You can start with my free Masterclass

"I made 12K on my beta launch"

"Kendra, you were 100% right again! People joined at the last minute. It was a beta launch of 12K. So freaking excited. Thank you! I never made that kind of money before. I couldn't have done it without you!"

~ Ciria Velarde @ciriahealthcoach

Plus, you'll be backed by a 60-day "try it," "test it," "apply it," money-back guarantee

If you don't find the incredibly valuable content inside Group Program Academy...well valuable, you can request a refund at 60-days after the program has started.

Listen, I have used this exact system to launch countless successful programs AND I have also helped dozens of students launch their group programs. Why am I telling you this? Because, Group Program Academy works for those who commit to executing it and I 1000% believe that if you dedicate yourself to the trainings, and assignments, you will see success.

So please take a full 60-days to explore the course material, plan out your group program and put the program strategies into action.

If you STILL don't believe Group Program Academy is 100% valiable - no problem, you tried! I will give you a full refund with proof that you have given the program an honest shot!


  • 5-module Course (Value $4997)
  • Tech Expert Tutorial Library (Value $197)
  • Sell Your A$$ Off Webinar Script (Value $997)
  • Simply Sold Sales Bundle (Value $997)
  • Pinterest Masterclass (Value $297)

Total Value = $7,485

Regular Price = $997 total

Today's Price = $797 total

Or 6 x payments of $147

Frequently Asked Questions.

When does Group Program Academy Start?

I'm just as excited as you are to get this group program train rolling! The program will begin as soon as you purchase. There is no drip schedule. You will get access to the entire course as soon as you purchase. That means you can take your time or binge the course in just a couple weeks. The entire process of launching a group program will take anywhere from 4-16 weeks, depending on the engagement level of your social media following and email list.

I don't have a big following. Can Group Program Academy work for me?

No big following required up in here! While we do recommend that students are actively building a following and know how to use social media, we don't require that they have a big following. Our students see success even with only a few hundred followers and email list subscribers.

In fact, when I launched High on Energy, I had less than 2,000 Instagram followers and an email list of 1200. And I STILL have a small following and email list, yet, I have a multiple 6-figure business.

How quickly can I see a return on the investment to take the program?

Yes! Thank you for asking! Let's talk money! Group Program Academy is set up so that you can launch your group program in 4-16 weeks. The range depends on whether or not you have built a following or email list yet. That means that if you take the recommended steps, follow my pricing recommendations and launch as I teach, you have a high chance of making your investment back plus more - while still in the program!

The return on investment can be quick - so long as you commit to doing the work and taking the necessary action. I mean....that's pretty awesome!

Will Group Program Academy help me create my program or just give me the launch strategy?

Both! I will teach you how to go through the process of building out a highly impactful group coaching program and you will get the strategy to launch it using social media and email marketing. We build out the framework for your program while inside Group Program Academy. With my Launch first formula, we create the necessary components of your program by Phase 3 and launch in Phase 4.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! We offer a generous finance plan of $147 for 6 monthly payments. That means that $147 is due today and then you will be billed automatically every 4-weeks for a total of 6-payments. Please note that this isn't a membership payment with an option to opt-out. When you select the payment plan at purchase, you are legally agreeing to paying the full 6-payments. Failure to do so will reduce in loss of course access and the possibility of legal action.

I already have a group program. Will this work for me?

It depends. If you have launched a group program in the past and been underwhelmed with the results than GPA can help you optimize the framework of your program and re-launch it for much better results.

If you already have a successful group program that is enrolling clients, I don't recommend Group Program Academy. Stay tuned for my upcoming program on running profitable free masterclasses.

I don't have a website or money to spend on ads. Will this work?

Paid ads are great and all but my jam is organic launching - aka free launch strategies! While you are more than welcome to run paid ads on your own, I teach you how to launch using a combination of social media and email marketing. I don't teach paid traffic in this course, nor, do you need to run ads to be extremely successful with Group Program Academy. All our student success stories are from organic launch strategies without paid advertising.

And best of all? You can still be highly successful with GPA even if you have no website at all!

I 'm new but I just really don't want to work with private clients. Can I join?

Look - - I'm never going to force you to do anything you don't want to. While working with private clients provides invaluable insight for your group program, if you hate 1:1 then I understand why you don't want to do it. That being said - - I STILL recommend Health Coach Accelerator as it will help you build an online following, get your marketing, messaging and communication solid so that you set yourself up for success when it comes time to launch a group program.

If you're in this situation, I recommend starting with HCA to get your solid business foundation + audience growth in place and then using your student discount to invest in GPA.

I will never forget that first launch. It was an utter and complete disaster and I lost so many hours of my time and thousands of my hard earned money.

What I would have given to have someone who had been there before, walking me through the process. That would have been priceless!

Now, if you want to figure this out on your own and do it solo - that's cool.

But, you can also make the choice to lean on the wisdom of a launch expert (30+ launches and counting) packaged into a step-by-step system that allows you to launch quickly & seamlessly and avoid the BIG mistakes most new launchers are making.

Save thousands of hours and dollars (not to mention your sanity and mental health) and gain the confidence to smoothly transition from one-to-one to one-to-many coaching!

SEIZE THE MOMENT - Let's do this!

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