Turn Your 1:1 Coaching Services into a PROFITABLE Group Program!
And create more freedom, impact & income in your biz!
Why group programs are WAAAY more EFFECTIVE for your health coaching business than an online course (unpopular opinion alert!)
The #1 mistake coaches are making when they create & launch a group program that is causing them to fail miserably (and what to do instead)
The PRIMARY reason why you are procrastinating launching your group program and what to do to start taking action (TODAY!)
About Your Teacher
Kendra went from an overworked and burnt out Health Coach working with 8-hours a day with 1:1 clients... 

To running a half a million dollar business while working only 25 hours per week (and skiing 5-days/week!)

All thanks to creating lucrative and transformational group coaching programs!

If you love your clients but are at the end of your rope with the endless 1:1, this Masterclass will change your life!

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