Systemize your biz, book dream clients, and find some f*cking freedom inside…

Health Coach Accelerator™️

Your No Bullshit Guide to Building a Thriving 6-Figure Online Wellness Program that Changes Lives

Believe it or not...

You don’t have to keep trading your time, health, and sanity for money.

It’s time to tune out the bullshit.

Because when you have straight-up strategies that have been tried, tested, and approved by hundreds of health coaches scaling the heights of their business like ninja warriors on a trampoline…

You can finally escape the never-ending spin cycle of letdowns, turn the dial to high efficiency, and start earning your worth.

Ready to wave goodbye to chaos city and come join the profit party?

“So much value for such an affordable price! I have invested thousands in other courses but this course has given me so much more…It has provided my business with a TON of structure & clarity!”

~ Tara Udinski, Functional Nutritionist

Listen up, health coaches, consultants, and practitioners.

Even though you’re a certified powerhouse when it comes to getting people healthy and changing lives…

When you’re busting your ass trying to make a living doing what you love, but you’re struggling to attract the right clients…

You’re riding the hot mess express to burnout.

And a burnt-out coach can’t help anyone.

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and koozie.

Enough is enough. It’s time to kick the burnout B.S. to the curb and get the support you deserve.

Building a thriving & sustainable 6-figure health coaching business isn’t easy. 

But let’s be real, it’s a whole lot harder when your advice comes from: 

The generic strategies that are flatter than yesterday’s LaCroix…

❌ The coaches who give you less support than a training bra…

❌ The influencers more interested in being internet famous than helping you succeed (and about as qualified as a celeb spewing an all bone broth diet)…

Let's not, eh?

There’s a shitload of resources out there, but how many actually give you what you need to make your business thrive?

The truth is, when you take purposeful actions fuelled by a systematic approach, it’s a hell of a lot easier.

Because when you have the proven business strategies and industry expert support you need, you can transform your health coaching program into a 6-figure success story.

We’re talking big bucks, baby. 90’s rapper kinda dough. (Which is really just 2023 grocery & gas cash.)

And you can become the business owner you were born to be—with a business bank account on steroids, working fewer hours, and having a real impact on people’s lives. 

That’s why you got into this business in the first place, right?

If you’re ready to slam on the breaks on the merry-go-round of hustle and start building the foundation for a streamlined & profitable health coaching business with laser-focused vision… 

This is your chance to grab life by the bulletproof coffee ☕ and make it happen.

So, if you’re up for the adventure, then keep reading because this program is for you!

“It is a clear, methodical, and complete step by step method for professional health coaches and want-to-be-coaches to go from newbies to up and having the blueprint needed for a fully functioning, effective, and profitable business, beneficial for the coach and the client.”

Danyel Brisk, Holistic Health Coach

“I would absolutely recommend HCA to others! I so wish I had found Kendras program long before I wasted money on others that did not give me as much value. The HCA program is a must for anyone floundering and not knowing exactly what to do to move their business forward.”

Caitlin Townsend, @nourishbycaitlin

“I now have a signature program and I'm able to promote it to prospective clients in a confident and sincere manner. I'd recommend the program to others as a great way to start your business in an organized way that will save tonnes of time, energy and frustration figuring out what specifically needs to be done to create a thriving health business.”

Genevieve Tonin, Health Coach

Why You’re Burnt Out Instead of Blissed Out

It took years to get where you are now…

So why does it feel like you’re stuck at the starting line?

And even though you’re ready to embrace your inner badass whose changing lives and taking names…

You’re still refreshing your email and social media for any signs of life.

And despite your many attempts to market yourself, you’re STILL not getting seen by the people who need you most.

No matter how much of your heart, soul and unicorn magic you pour into your business…

You’re drowning in a perpetual state of planning because no one ever handed over the guidebook to actually building a health coaching business. 

This is exactly how many coaches feel
at the beginning of their business.

And just like your clients are bombarded by the latest health fads and celebrity detoxes, you’ve been sold a steaming pile of B.S. about what it takes to build your dream health coaching business.

That certification that promised to be your golden ticket to success? Turns out they conveniently left out the part about building a business, mastering marketing, and chasing down leads.

Real cool, guys. Real cool. 🙄🙄🙄

And let’s not forget about those business coaches teaching advice that’s outdated, irrelevant, or just plain wrong–at least for our industry. 

So that little voice in your head (who sounds a lot like Regina George, oddly enough) starts whispering that you aren’t good enough.

And you scale back your social media, with a growing fear of failure (or worse, internet trolls)...

You procrastinate and put off all the things you know you need to do because you’re so stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed…

And you’re beginning to believe that you’re not cut out for the health coaching game. That you’re just another guppie fish in a crowded pond.

But let me tell you something:

You’re a fucking shark 🦈🦈🦈

It’s time to start acting like it.

Yes, the struggle is real.

But just because it seems like the system is rigged against you, doesn’t mean there isn’t a f*ckton of money to be made helping people and doing what you love.

It starts with taking focused action and building your business with a strong foundation…

Not a chaotic content calendar 😫😫😫

And once you have the guidance, tools, and confidence you need to finally break through and make your dream business a reality…

You can turn your struggling health coaching business into a thriving, sustainable venture that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

The kind of business that allows you to call the shots and work on your terms…

The freedom that comes with $10K months and the security of not stressing about bills, debt, or investing in your future…

And the lasting impact you’ll have from helping people achieve their health goals.

Now that’s a legacy worth fighting for.

But you have to take the first step.

Ready to break free and get ahead?

Hey there! I'm Kendra.

Nature lover. Adrenaline junkie. Badass business mentor.

And I help health coaches, wellness practitioners and licensed health professionals, stop being broke and overwhelmed, and start building thriving 6-figure+ businesses.

I just wanted to help people but I had no idea how to grow a business! I felt like the online universe was working against me (hello, conspiracy theory!)

I got into health coaching for the same reason as many of you: I experienced a life-changing health struggle. 

At 27, I blew out my knee. I went from a competitive skier to someone without a plan or purpose overnight. I had to quit my day job doing forestry work, go through physio every day, and figure out just what the hell I was going to do with my life. 

As I was holed up in my room after another painful surgery, I realized something: I could use my experience to help others on their own health journeys. So I started blogging, worked for the FDN, and decided to build my own health coaching business.

But that leap of faith led me to crash and burn. I didn’t know the first thing about running my own business. And after a cycle of 1:1 coaching that was way more famine than feast, I launched an online course. I spent months developing my course and when I finally launched, I failed spectacularly…FOUR times.

I broke down. I cried.
And I almost quit for good.

But I remembered one thing from my years of skiing: results require discomfort.

So I brushed off the failure, hired a coach, niched down, and got my systems in place. And during my next launch, I made $7,500 in 10 days. I was off to the races. After 3 years, I had my first $10,000 month and scaled my health coaching practice to multiple 6-figures.

I realized so many other health coaches had similar struggles. So I decided to use my experience to help other coaches and practitioners build thriving businesses and grow their client roster without burning out.

My Health Coach Accelerator program has helped hundreds of coaches grow their practices, amplify their impact, and blow up their bank accounts while having freedom and flexibility.

“Kendra is passionate and no-nonsense, which is endearing and appealing, and makes her easy to learn from. HCA has changed my business. I raised my program price to 5K and had my biggest revenue month I've ever had. I would recommend this program 100%. Kendra over-delivers on content and wisdom. I’ll be back for more!”

Jennifer Woodward, @the_period_fdn

“Kendra is so supportive and honest. She truly is an amazing coach. She also doesn't beat around the bush and gives you a straight answer. She's also so relaxed and genuine and I always looked forward to trainings just to hang out with her. Knowing that she has been where I am now gave me such inspiration and excitement and felt so understood.”

Jessica Sharp, Holistic Health Coach

“I love Kendra's practical and logical approach to getting a health coaching business set up - just what I needed as I was spinning my wheels. I love her raw no BS approach, but she is so genuine, caring and supportive of her students. I also loved the fact that she held us accountable throughout the course. It's great to finally see traction in my business”

Margot Shute, @shuteforwellness


Coaching. Systems. Support.

Health Coach Accelerator

The complete business, marketing, and sales strategy you need to create a thriving 6-figure online signature program without sacrificing your health, valuable time, or limited resources

HCA is home to early-stage health coaches ready to transform their businesses through proven streamlined business strategies and high-touch support. 

You’ll have everything you need to design a profitable program, consistently attract and close dream clients, perfect your marketing process, and lay the foundation for a thriving business in 180 days (without having to build a fancy website, or thrust around on TikTok.)

While I firmly believe building a 6-figure business requires sacrifice, that doesn’t mean you have to hustle.

And in HCA, you’ll have all of the tools, training, and resources you need to catapult your business outside the norm and build a booming health coaching practice…without burning yourself out in the process.

HCA is the secret ingredient you’ve been missing. Here’s the recipe:

  • Niching Down: You’ll learn how to find your perfect niche and create a signature package so clients chase you instead of the other way around.

  • Online Program Creation: You'll create a highly transformational online program and learn how to run it as a 1:1, group or hybrid program. We'll help you choose and then launch like a boss!

  • Marketing Mastery: You’ll learn proven organic & paid marketing strategies that get you in front of the right people and convert them into paying clients.

  • Sales Framework: You’ll get a step-by-step sales framework that shows you how to sell without being salesy, so you can confidently close clients and increase your revenue.

  • High-touch support: You’ll have access to coaching & mindset calls and an online community where you can get feedback from others who have been through the same experiences as you.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset: You’ll learn how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset that gives you the confidence and clarity you need to take consistent action and achieve your goals.

Stop dreaming about being your own boss and start living it! With HCA, you’ll catapult yourself outside the norm and build a booming health coaching business that lets you have more income, work fewer hours, and transform your clients’ lives.

What do you get when you sign up for HCA? Take a peek inside…

Get ready to unleash your inner health coach boss with the ultimate business-building experience! With lifetime access to our business training, you’ll have everything you need to turn your health coach passion into a profitable, systemized, and organized 6-figure online signature program that you and your clients love. 

You’ll implement the skills, strategies, and techniques needed to take your business to the next level (while working at a pace that’s comfortable for you)...all inside our 5-step HCA Framework


But don’t worry, I’m not going to drive-by-firehose you with information. You have lifetime* access to all of the training so that it’s there whenever you need it and you can refer to it again and again.

*For the lifetime of the program. Not my lifetime. I’m an adrenaline junkie, I could go over the side of a cliff tomorrow and you’d still have your business strategy on a silver platter.

Plus, our resource library is filled with workbooks, templates, spreadsheets, and swipes so you'll never be left to your own devices to build ANYTHING from scratch!


Grab your spandex and light the bat signal, because I’m going to help you create a superhero brand! No more generic branding or trying to please everyone. You’ll learn how to refine your niche, craft a message that speaks directly to your ideal clients, and create a brand identity that’s as unique as you are. And because every superhero has a good origin story, you’ll learn how to present an authentic and captivating brand story and start developing killer content that will have your followers begging for more. By the end of this step, you’ll be ready to save the world (or at least, your business).

You'll get:

  • A profitable niche self-assessment so you know exactly how viable your niche is. You’ll also get a list of 55 profitable niche markets to get your brain going

  • Tools and resources to pick your brand colours & fonts without the guesswork

  • Marketing & storytelling training so you know exactly how to talk about what you do and how you do it

  • A detailed Content Development Guide swipe & walkthrough so you can start building out your simple and aligned content plan

  • Step-by-step action plan to implement what you’ve learned


Brace yourself for clients to line up at your door like a herd of cats ready for their daily dose of catnip! In this section, you’ll learn how to craft your very own signature program that will transform the lives of your clients and have them clawing at your door begging for a spot. You’ll discover how to build your 1:1 or group coaching program from scratch, price it so you feel confident and charge your worth, map your client journey, handle refund requests with ease, and so much more. 

You'll get:

  • Step-by-step training to build your 1:1 or group coaching program broken down into modules, lessons, and milestones so your students see success every step of the way

  • The framework to creating your own unique methodology which can easily be trademarked and will set you a part from every other online coach

  • Pitch templates that help you find clients hiding in plain sight so you can leverage your online & offline networks and get new business fast

  • The Price for Profit Calculator so you never have to anxiously wonder, “what should I charge??” again

  • Detailed walkthrough for creating your program content including documents, slides, and videos. No experience required. It’s like tech for dummies, just a lot prettier


I know the thought of sales can make you cringe, but don’t worry — I’ve got you covered. You’ll use these innovative ethical and authentic selling tactics to transform you from a slimy salesperson to a confident and persuasive entrepreneur. You’ll get techniques to master high-converting sales calls, handling objections, and the art of the follow-up to make your clients eager to work with you. Plus, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the energetics of selling, making sales feel less like a chore and more like a natural part of your business.

You'll get:

  • The HCA Sales Page Template that you can copy and paste. This single-handedly replaces the need for a techy website. The best part? It’s written by a professional copywriter and will help you pre-qualify your sales prospects

  • The 100K Sales Call Script that has helped HCA students close hundreds of thousands of dollars in client contracts without selling their souls to gross sales strategies and manipulation

  • Detailed sales call training so you feel confident addressing any objection, hesitation, or “I need to talk to my partner” that comes up on the call

  • A Lead Tracking Spreadsheet and Trello Board so you never have to wonder who booked a call, if you followed up, and where your clients are in your process

  • Onboarding & Offboarding processes to give your clients a seamless experience

  • My tried and tested launch strategies to get your program live (as soon as possible) whether it's a 1:1 or group program

  • Group Program Launch Toolkit included sales email templates, onboarding email templates Facebook Community tutorials and the exact framework to running your first group program with ease



Tired of your emails falling flat? It’s time to watch your email list explode by building a list of raving fans who can’t wait to see you in their inbox! With this method, you’ll learn the secrets of setting up an effective email marketing funnel that attracts and converts. By the end of the step, you’ll have everything you need to create a high-value freebie, set up an irresistible opt-in page, and craft a killer email nurture sequence. You’ll also have mad skillz to grow your list with organic social media + Facebook & Instagram Ads

You'll get:

  • A step-by-step plan to create your irresistible freebie, build out your opt-in page, and set up the tech to make it work

  • Email Nurture Sequence Template to engage new subscribers and so you never have to stare at the blinking cursor again (also written by my personal copywriter)

  • Simple & easy to follow tutorials for our recommended email service provider

  • Content Attraction Cheat Sheet to walk you through exactly how to create a strategic content plan that moves followers from "Who are you?" to "Take my money!"

  • Everything you need to have impactful conversations in the DMS and make sales without a sales call

  • 30-Day Content Calendar so you can plan out your content in advance and feel organized AF

  • Batching & Repurposing training so you can work on content once a month, schedule it out and be done!

  • Training showing you how to leverage organic Instagram & Facebook marketing strategies

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads training so you can grow your audience faster (no waiting around and praying for things to happen faster!)


Once you’ve set your foundation, it’s time for your business to blast off like a rocket into the stratosphere. And in this step, you’ll learn how to scale your business by optimizing your business for next-level success. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to create a seamless business organization system (so you can have more time) elevate your customer service and automate the crap out of your business. You’ll even discover how to outsource and build a team like a savvy entrepreneur, freeing you up to focus on what really matters—making a lasting impact on your clients and growing your thriving business.

You'll get:

  • Elevated customer service training with email templates, and communication guidelines

  • The training, templates, and tools you need to start growing your team and outsourcing your tasks

  • Our simple Company Manual Organization tool - so you'll never wonder "Wait, how did I do that again?" and set yourself up for easy hiring

  • The Know Your Numbers Tracking Sheet so you can make informed decisions every time 

  • Automations training so you can automate the living crap out of your business and have more time for the fun things!

I believe in starting where you are. And for a lot of health consultants, starting with a 1:1 program is the fastest path to launch and make money.

But I also want to help you create the offer that works best for you and your business. So I’m also giving you the exact systems and strategies you need to create a group coaching program that you can run live or with ongoing enrollment (your choice!)

Don’t know which one is for you? That’s ok! We’ll figure it out together.

You’ll also have:

Facebook & Instagram Ads Support

Facebook & Instagram ads are the key to taking back your time and building your audience way quicker than you can do organically. But, setting them up can feel incredibly overwhelming, like you're climbing a mountain.

We got you covered! When you join HCA, you'll get access to our Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert, Alexa Snay, who can help you write your ad copy, create simple graphics get you ads approved and help you optimize so that you're stacking your audience full of the right leads!

Live Group Coaching Calls

Every week, my team and I are on a call to coach, guide, and support you as you work toward your goals. You’ll get to hang out with me & HCA coach Claudia on live coaching calls 3 times per month. On top of that, you’ll be joining forces with the amazing Chanee Momoko on a monthly mindset and productivity call.

No question goes unanswered on these live calls, so don’t hold back. Whether you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, fear, paralysis, or worrying about not getting clients, my team is here to help you move forward and achieve success in your business. Say goodbye to stuck and hello to unstoppable momentum! HCA includes weekly call replays including a private podcast feed to listen to the calls on the go, as well as our entire library of past calls.

Business Reviews & Personalized Feedback

I know it’s frustrating when your marketing feels less like a sizzling plate of fajitas and more like a lukewarm bowl of mac and cheese, but fear not! With HCA, you’ll get custom feedback and strategic advice to take your business to the next level.

Looking for feedback on your messaging, marketing, or sales assets? Just post in the Facebook group or submit your item for review on a coaching call with me or Claudia. We’ll give you a detailed analysis & customized feedback so you can say goodbye to the guesswork and get actionable steps that turn that bland bowl of carbs into a gourmet dish that attracts your ideal clients like bees to honey.

Exclusive Facebook Support Community

You’ll become a part of our exclusive Facebook group where you’ll have access to a supportive community of like-minded coaches who are as motivated and passionate as you are about achieving their dreams.

You’ll have a direct line to me and the HCA team, where we’ll offer guidance, feedback, and quick answers to any questions you may have. Consider this your personal squad of business besties, always there to cheer you on, support you through the tough times, and help you celebrate your wins.

The best part? You’ll never have to wait more than one business day Monday through Friday, to get the help you need.

Tech Tutorial Library

Tired of feeling like a clueless grandma trying to navigate through a new technological world? Say goodbye to those tech headaches and confusion once and for all with my Tech Expert Library! 

It’s like having your very own zoomer tech guru at your fingertips, ready to guide you through the maze of online platforms and tools (but really I’m just a tech-savvy elder millennial). 

From Practice Better to FG Funnels to Instagram, you’ll have access to tutorials and a list of everything I’ve used in my own successful business to help you leapfrog those tech hurdles and skyrocket your online presence in no time.

***While I may suggest certain tech tools and resources, you’re not obligated to use them. You’re free to use whatever technology you’re comfortable with—the lessons inside HCA will help you no matter your preferred platform. Please note that I do not provide tutorials or instruction on technology tools that I don’t recommend (because I'm not a fucking wizard -- and I can' t know every platform that exists on the internet...)

Hold up, that’s a loooot. 

Let’s review.

When you enroll in HCA, you get...

Lifetime access to the 5-Step HCA Framework including modules, templates, resources, and systems that will teach you how to build a booming 6-figure online program that you and your clients love

6-months access to...

  • Live Group Coaching Calls with Kendra & Claudia where you can submit your questions and have them answered on the call (3 calls per month)

  • Live Mindset & Productivity Calls with Chanee with real-time coaching through your biggest mindset blocks so you can bypass mental barriers & lead your business with confidence

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Support from Alexa Snay. You can ask Alexa to help you with your ads copy, graphics, how to get your ads approved and how to make sure your ads are bringing the perfect leads to your list.

  • The Health Coach Accelerator Facebook Group where you’ll get support, feedback, and whatever you need from the HCA team & a community of motivated health coaches

  • Private Podcast Feed with coaching call recordings so you can download and listen to them on the go

  • Weekly Call Replays including our entire library of past calls 

All for...


1 payment of $3497

1 Payment of $2497 USD

($1000 off!)


6 Payments of $677

6 Payments of $497 USD

Or get started for as low as $248.50 per month with Elective

(select Elective Button @ checkout to see if you qualify)

Hold onto your butts and get ready to be blown away by what the incredible HCA members have achieved — all of these wins and more are available to you at the click of a button.

Hey there, curious cat! Still got questions?

We’re all about making smart, informed decisions, so here are some FAQs that’ll give you all the juicy deets you’re dying to know.

What if I’m too overwhelmed? Can this really help me?

I’m not here to hype you up with false promises that you can clock 10 hours a week, sit back, and watch the moolah pour in from your yacht.

The truth is: building a health coaching business is a lot of work.

But that doesn’t mean you have to burn yourself out or sacrifice your health in the quest for success. Because when you have the education, resources, and support you need every step of the way, it’s a hell of a lot easier to check off tasks and move closer to your goals.

HCA is designed to give you the framework and systems you need to simplify the process of building a 6-figure health coaching business. So whether you launched your business years ago or you’re still deciding on your niche, HCA will give you clarity on what you need to focus on and how to prioritize those important tasks.

My time is pretty limited. How long will this take me?

When you join HCA, you’ll receive 180 days of access to support resources like our coaching calls & FB community***. You’ll also receive lifetime access to the course modules, so that you can learn and implement the lessons at your own pace. 

The foundational strategies & framework inside HCA are also designed to give you more time freedom in your business—so you can save time figuring things out and establish systems that free up your schedule for years to come.

There’s no set amount of time you need to dedicate to the program, just dive into the resources when you have time and energy to grow your business. With that said, the students who do best inside HCA are the ones who regularly use our resources and show up to the calls motivated and ready to work. So, if you don’t think you can commit at least 1-2 hours per week to HCA, then you might want to wait to enroll until you have more flexibility in your schedule.

***While the live support comes with 6-month access to the HCA community and support, I understand that life happens…and unexpected emergencies may arise. That’s why I include an extra month buffer if you need to take a break for personal or family reasons. Because you deserve the full support of HCA—regardless of life circumstances.

What kind of support do you offer inside HCA?

HCA was created to give health coaches and practitioners the over-the-shoulder support needed to avoid missteps and get clients fast. When you join HCA, you’ll get 180 days (6 full months) of access to weekly group coaching calls & our entire library of past calls.

You’ll get 3 live coaching calls every month where you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions and get them answered in real-time. You’ll also get 1 mindset & productivity call per month for help addressing the mental barriers that hold you back from your true potential. All members receive coaching call recordings so you can listen and learn on the go. 

You’ll also get direct access to me and my team inside the HCA Facebook Group. We’re constantly monitoring the community and will respond to your post within 1 business day. You’ll have the opportunity to submit projects in our community or on the group coaching calls, so you can get custom feedback and strategic advice.

I’ve already worked with a business mentor or coach. How is this any different?

While I firmly believe that business coaches are beneficial, they don’t always give you the industry-specific knowledge you need. In my own experience, I’ve found that a lot of the advice general business coaches give doesn’t always relate to the specific challenges health coaches and practitioners face every day.

So I set out to create a one-stop-shop to give you the knowledge, resources, and support at the cross-section of business advice for health coaches. I draw on my personal experience scaling my health coaching practice to multiple 6-figures, so you can avoid the same missteps and speed up your path to success. 

I also dish up some hard truths so you know exactly what goes into building the business of your dreams. You won’t find any sugarcoated fluff here. You’ll learn more about the honest struggles me and my community of health coaches have faced on our journeys while receiving simple & strategic advice to get you where you want to go as fast as possible.

How do I know I’m a good fit?

Here’s the deal:

HCA works best for some sort of online coach or practitioner who is not yet consistently clearing 5K per month in online income. You’ll learn how to build an online signature program. Whether you prefer a 1:1 program, a group program, or a hybrid of the two, you’ll be able to take your brilliance and create a framework that serves your clients at the maximum level. You’ll also get tools to easily repurpose your online program into an online course. If any of that sounds like something you want, you’d be a great fit!

If you’re not a “health coach” but you’re some type of wellness practitioner (Functional MD, NTP, IIN Coach, Functional health practitioner, nutritional therapist, Chinese Medicine Doctor, Therapist, Counsellor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Nurse practitioner, life coach, personal development coach, mindset coach, career coach, spiritual coach, etc.) then the content taught in this program will be perfect!

Still not sure it’s for you? Shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram @kendraperryinc

When are the live calls?

Live Group Coaching Calls happen four times a month. Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, calls are with Kendra @ 9:30am PST. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, Claudia hosts a call @ 9:30am PST. The last Tuesday of the month @ 1:30 pm PST, is when the Mindset Call with Chanee occurs.

All calls are recorded for you to watch later. You'll have access to the HCA private podcast feed so you can listen to recordings while you clean your house, pick up the kids or on your daily walk. If you can't make the call, you can submit your questions or homework in advance. I answer EVERY single question!

I don't have a website. Should I build my website first and sign up later?

No! Stop. Do not pass go. Please DO NOT build a website yet. Building a website is incredibly tech and time intensive.

You need to be hyper-clear on your brand, your ideal client, your program, and your content before you even consider a website.

Health Coach Accelerator will give you everything you need to create an effective website. Plus, in the program, I do give you a template for a stand-in website to send interested clients to.

Can I cancel and get a refund if I decide it's not for me?

We have served hundreds of health coaches and we are confident that this program works and is exactly what you need if you intend to have a successful online program. For that reason we don't offer refunds for this program. Results take consistent effort over time. If you commit to HCA and do the work, you'll see the results you want.

Still on the fence? I’ll make it easy.

You’re ready to absolutely crush your goals and lead a thriving 6-figure business if…

  • You’re sick of wandering in circles with no direction, and know that proven strategies and high-touch support will get you on your path to success.

  • You know it’s time to ditch the endless spin cycle and take consistent action to  propel your business forward and leave your doubt in the dust. 

  • You’re on a mission to ditch the corporate grind and become the boss of your own badass business, saying goodbye to the 9-5 and hello to a free and flexible life.

  • You’re aware that honing your niche, crafting your message, and mastering your marketing will help you attract a steady flow of dream clients.

  • You’re up for the challenge of putting in the work to slay your goals, knowing that the work will pay off in a booming business that’s as sweet as a ripe fruit ready for the picking.

  • You’re fed up with feeling like a poser when you’re a damn good health coach who can change lives, you just need to step up and own your brilliance.

  • You’re done sacrificing your health, time, and money and are ready to wake up pumped to work on a thriving, sustainable business.

Sound like a boss you know? Then let’s dominate together!

I just closed my first client for my beta-program and made $1500!

"HCA gave me the exact formula I needed to build a program that sells well. Because of the tools I learned in HCA, my program is something that people are super interested in. Before HCA, I was a mess trying to explain what I was doing to help others as a health coach. HCA not only gives you an exact framework to build a successful online coaching business, but the support from Kendra and the other coaches is so valuable. I just closed my first client for my beta-program, so I have made $1500!"

-Katie Sager, @katiesager

So take a quick sec to think about what you want your future to look like…

Do you want to keep playing client roulette, spinning your wheels, and dealing with late nights spent refining your offer and chasing down leads with no revenue to show for it?

Or do you want to have a full list of clients & a thriving online coaching program, waking up every morning excited to help your clients while still having time to indulge in all of life’s little pleasures like travel, family time, and relaxation?

If you’re ready to step into the role you were always meant to, then stop spinning out and start thriving inside HCA.


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Remember you can build your business without any help...

but that could take years.

How much time do you have to waste? How much money do you have to last you those years? Why not hire a super star mentor who can greatly shorten your time to success and guide you to those 10K months and that business of your wildest dreams?!

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